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Cat-ching My Eye and Adding a Tear

I have been too busy to post just lately, what with reformatting and editing books for patient (becoming im-) writers, dealing with kids on holiday, and swinging through trees like Tarzan-with-a-chainsaw. Today I took the opportunity to dash off to … Continue reading

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Chews to predict the fuchsia!

  Headmaster to school leavers wrapped sweets for each will give, Before his lecture on how their lives they all should live. This is done so all of them there fully understands, ‘Remember that the fruit-chew is resting in your … Continue reading

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Sighence Friction Phantasy

Wordle 358                   In limbo, images rattle through ring; Safe, will fold into nowhere, but will bring A gasp if from the pit their shell reforms; Split pill with blade: protect from … Continue reading

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When tuney opperties ariz For dressing up some bragging biz I cannot help but mention thiz — Each of my grandkidz iz a whiz! The news has reached us that grandson in Inglund has just gradjermerated as a BA (Hons) … Continue reading

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Bally Fine Go at the BFG

A Big Friendly Giant of a show! It is a miracle that so soon after the magnificent ‘Camelot’, KickstArt Productions are able to come up with anything half as elaborate and ambitious as Roald Dahl’s ‘the BFG’. Part of the … Continue reading

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Anniversary Waltz

On 3rd December 2013 I posted the lyrics of a waltz I wrote to Much Better Half  to mark our fifty years of marriage.  In fact, those lyrics refer to our first meeting that took place fifty eight years ago … Continue reading

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Assault with Violins; or Fiddles in High Places.

WORDLE 356 Tell none: alone at fiddle take a shot, Late, as a treat in tower you have got; Pass bow so as to harm, but not sound funny — Put breath into the  call,  with tone like honey. © … Continue reading

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Delighted and Bloggered Around Again

Our Electricity (Non-) Supply Commission, Escom, are at it again. A combination of strikes for rises in salary, in return for hopelessly substandard performance, and to be paid by a parastatal on its uppers, plus lack of capacity due to … Continue reading

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Adopted Grandchildren, Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacies, and Priceless Art

Young J has not been feeling too well again, and has had to miss some swimming. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday and then collect a prescription. That adds to the fact that earlier in the week … Continue reading

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Colonialism Benefit Denial Yet Another Lizard’s Tail?

The latest Public Protector in South Africa, already discredited like her predecessors, is Mkhwebane Busisiwe. She is maintaining the sad tradition of ridiculous populist statements to take attention away from her own ineptitude and/or bias. This is a tried and … Continue reading

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