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An Astrology Charlatan.

    Where shine, show chain of stars in line; Calculus, with root of nine; Sliver sets game afoot to feign a train — A crime one should disdain, To falsify such design.     © September 2018 Colonialist   … Continue reading

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The Magic Show Riddle

  Drive your strength to seek ten letters The buzzer goes when finish raffle, Instinct, speed, will blow out betters, On-stage, your spirit brains will baffle.     © September 2018 Colonialist    

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Rainstorm After Drought

          Grass find twice as usually dry; Wind brings many clouds with a freak sky; Rising in fury, wraps city and farm Within such deluge only stars escape harm. © September 2018 Colonialist

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Today it rained, And water we gained, Today it rained, and after that it rained some more, Today it rained, And you’d be hare-brained Not noticing the water we did score; Today it rained, And I have refrained From mentioning … Continue reading

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Changing Cars Like Underwear . . .

Now, Younger Daughter has a perk Of often changing cars at work, So every year or so would find We had wheels of another kind.         This year has been a bit absurd, May, new Avanza was … Continue reading

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            Idea to span audacity; Aware, granted capacity; Probe a deal it’s spoken will control, And turn a terrible term, into a role. © August 2018 Colonialist

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Enough to make one Fume

        Smokes are mysteries you should mean to hide Stare with howls, as through mouth side Green menthol cloud rolls one can’t abide — A mist never tongues or lungs should have tried. © August 2018 Colonialist

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