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Smooth Toppings and Really Awfully Good Crinkley Bottom

You ever heard of Crinkley Bottom? – Oh – you know a few that gott’em! – In Waterfall such place is found Where live bands, playing, hang around, And where, if you have starvery, You sate it with a carvery. Nude statues … Continue reading

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Topping up Swimming Pools using a 2 Litre Mineral Bottle!

Due to the current drought, and all the supply dams being at alarmingly low levels, we have official water restrictions.  A saving of 15% on normal consumption is mandatory, and watering gardens using a hose, or topping up swimming pools, … Continue reading

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A Really Awful State

This week, the photo challenge is ‘State of Mind‘ The Midlands* is a lovely place Where peace of mind is found, So it would be a great disgrace If fracking there was found. The ‘exploration’ underway Is a disgraceful biz, … Continue reading

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Priorities of Life and Death

The day was supposed to be devoted to editing, sorting out a faulty pool filter, repairing a collapsed bird feeder, a bit of writing, and taking more steps towards making the move into the main house feasible. Well, the bird … Continue reading

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Sons of the Sea

Well, the current photo challenge theme is Seasons is it not? Over sea these sea sons fly – Fishy seize-ons reasons why! Some, er, time they’re standing by, And the summer sea-ne just spy. Sea dogs must be sea sons, too, All the … Continue reading

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Driving Necessities.

This was a day in which I should have been doing editing, fixing a leaking pool filter, and some much-needed repairs on electrical equipment, where some of the recent workmen had the idea that for anything with a button the … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Topsy-turvy Rhyme

(Read on at your own peril of wild puns;  each pair’ll savage your mental stability.) A bear is not bare but is covered in hair; While beers ale and arty aren’t Bruin; [1] When bears go out badgering one might declare … Continue reading

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Reviewing Responses to Reviews

Originally posted on Leslie Hyla Winton Noble:
(I wrote this some while back, and then vacillated about posting it for fear of giving offence.  However, on re-reading, I don’t see why it should.) A question for any writer, obscure or…

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Keeping Abreast on Conchology, or a Really Awful Boob?

Life Imitates Art is photo challenge for the week. From early times some greatest art Has stressed quite clearly upper part Of ladies, showing very smart Those bits that cover up the heart It seems, as far as I can tell, It will be found some creatures dwell … Continue reading

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Emus sing ‘orse stretches and other long-neckitty beasties.

Rain Farm, here the group and spot Where fish in former post was got. And here, long-neck/legs beasties who Came down to drink when we were through Some ostriches can here be found Which with Impala hang around. But here, … Continue reading

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