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Really Splashing Out Last Weekend

On Friday afternoon after school a week ago (yes, I haven’t had time to post) the kids went to the Olympic pool, and after return spent some time in our vinyl puddle. On Saturday we went to a birthday party … Continue reading

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Schooldaze …

Eight-year-old granddaughter R, entering Grade 3 (which my generation knew as Standard 1) is already involved in a hectic schedule.  Off her own bat she auditioned for Junior Choir, and yesterday received a letter of congratulation stating that she has … Continue reading

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Resuscitated Wordle

Wordle 282 – another rather tricky one for pulling off my words-in-given-order-with-rhyme stunt. Water become icy: Shrill scream as you sense stitch strike … To wake seems dicey; Lungs singe in peak of pain like Iron circle that tightly round chest … Continue reading

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Opportunities Gained and Lost

My day was sabotaged, in between normal collection-from-school and pool cleaning and editing tasks, by the observation by Much Better Half that a drain kept drizzling although rain had only reigned some time ago.  This led me to wonder if my … Continue reading

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Really Awful Weather or Not

The weather can’t make up its mind I wish it some level could find To go into spring Or some other thing — The changes are really unkind. On Thursday we went to the pool, As soon as kids got … Continue reading

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Jubilant 2 … Too … Two!

I have to have a second stab at The Daily Post Photo Challenge.  This morning provided the motivation for the whole family to be Jubilant. The annual prize-giving at the swim school attended by both grandchildren occurred in two sessions, … Continue reading

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Swimming Hopes Sink, but not Really Awfully.

Alas, this year was not to be A triumph in the swim, Large pool scared little J, you see; The view she took was dim Of needing to swim all that way; At half-way point, two times, said, ‘Nay!’ When … Continue reading

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