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Talk of Writing Wrongs

GloMoWriMo Day 15 Prompt is as follows: ‘Today, I’d like to challenge you to write your own dramatic monologue.’ I write; but when I write then should I yearn For all to like what I set out? And if they … Continue reading

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Put in a Corner

WIth the Weekly Photo Challenge being Corner  this gives an opportunity to show the sort of corner I hope to be pushed into quite soon, when I do a launch of my new book It won’t be in that corner, … Continue reading

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Well-composed portraits, rushed edits, and Bella Italia

I have been haunting our post box daily for over two months waiting for a parcel slip for something sent by airmail from Estonia, and could hardly contain my surprise when it finally arrived.  Presumably, after reaching Johannesburg in two days, it … Continue reading

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‘Editification’ and delight – The Goddess of the Devil

Here is a Reblog from my writing, composing and editing site: Most writers tend to want their editors to remain, if not invisible, at least fairly well-hidden. Some, but not all, do give an acknowledgement in the front matter. Some … Continue reading

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Thanks Really Awfully for Tears Shed …

When I was but a tiny lad who’d barely learnt to read, A neighbour at The Heads, named Mrs Lloyd, Whose garden, as a shortcut, we would often use at speed, Gave me a book, and I was overjoyed. Paul … Continue reading

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Reviewer Sued Rued Review Viewed As Rude

For cunning tries to publicise A novel writ by me, I need reviews to damn my eyes In style defamat’ry – Imagine if the fellow who Had thus condemned my book, I managed to proceed to sue And to the … Continue reading

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Brief Book Review – Remarkable Creatures – Tracy Chevalier

  I have, within a few days, completely read a book which I would never have believed might grip my imagination in the least.  It deals with two spinsters in the early nineteenth century.  Mary Anning is ‘working class’.  Elizabeth … Continue reading

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