Something to Hoot About

Time that Rufus had another say …

That was just for fun and to reintroduce the topic of my writing and that with which I am associated.

In which connection (drumroll) you may recall a certain post about a certain Decision that followed one on Christmas Day featuring the same Decision. Well, things have been indecisive for long enough, and at last announcements will be fifthcoming very shortly!

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A Monstr-house-ity Grows …

After all the pruning I did, there is an eddy-fuss growing on the edge of the slope designed to block out more of our view including a large chunk of what I cleared. It will probably obliterate another section of the sea when completed. There are supposed to be building and height restrictions along the coastline, but as we discovered in our previous home these are easily overcome. Invoking them is simply outweighed by some judicious bribery and corruption.

There have only been a couple of isolated cases recently where really blatant transgressions have been halted and reversed. These have involved enormous cost and effort on the part of the complainants. They are a tiny speck compared with the blot that most transgressions make.

Laws in South Africa are increasingly things to be got around or broken.

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Macbeth in Toyland



Dub ill, dub ill, Toyland trouble,
Buy a fern, and called Ron ‘Bubble’:

(When witch had called poor Noddy sick,
Sold him a fern to get well quick,
But fern belonged to guy called Ron —
Frothed at the mouth when saw it gone!)

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Really Awful Rhyme at England Getting the Boot

thI have now deleted the draft and entirely reposted… —

 — Yesterday I posted the following after posting the night before, but no post seems to have been posted. What, I wonder, is going on? Will this also vanish into cyberspace? —

— This vanished, too, so I deleted completely and did a fresh post:- —

— After the final minutes of that little World Cup match last night I poured my creative soul into rhyme and posted it some ten minutes later. I was a bit taken aback to see that the result had been totally ignored. Only now has it occurred to me to check whether it ever got posted at all. Apparently, it hadn’t. So, here’s another try:

So here, finally:

All things dull and uggerly, all Croatia’s big and small,
They were wise and wonderful, ’twas them that used the ball!
(Forget  all the rest with its bibs and its bobs,
For that is completely, now, drowned out by sobs.)

Though England are thought to be good at last ditches
This time were unable to scratch all the -itches!
So — vich itch from vitch itch unable to tell —
It’s clear vitches gave them a very bad spell.

Two to one was the score, amidst lots of fun,
But now they crow atsha,  the ones that have won;
Late in the evening but you can take warning
England ‘s officially gone into mourning!

© July 2018 Colonialist

(Maybe, though, this is a case of better never than too late!)

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Last post for a lost post; CUP EXCLUSIVE!

I had a post that wouldn’t post,

It said it had, but lied —

Has WordPress given up the ghost,

Or just my blog that’s died?

Cup ready to be whirled.

And an exclusive picture of:




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Really Awful Shredder Sh’ Read er Bout

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With M, a nice fresh toilet roll
is very much in fashion,
She perches near the toilet bowl
And shreds it with a passion

So every virgin one we bring —
To make sure we don’t lack it —
We have to cover up the thing,
Within a plastic jacket.

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An Inglorious Forth


Today’s a day of mourning
For the so Dis-USA;
On this day came the dawning
Of when all hell came to play,
They left the British Umpire
That made them stick to rules,
Now have a flaming Trump-pyre,
Which serves them right, the fools!

(Happy Independence Day!)  🙂

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