Monster no More; Swimming gets Boot.

The Monster Under the Bed, that became The Monster Under the House, is now a fairly normal domestic kitty. If, that is, one that is difficult to get a decent shot of!  Here is the best of many recent tries. I can stroke her now, but not with a camera in evidence.











Poor Rhiannon, after swimming a gala with a sore ankle, now finds on a better X-ray that her ankle is actually fractured. That puts her into a boot for six weeks and effectively out of the swimming season.

Jeneva, on the other hand, has wall-to-wall galas. She swam against six schools at home yesterday, where the best of a bad bunch of pictures shows her lining up in lane 4 (green cap), and she is in another away gala tomorrow. Against, presumably, another six.

Grade 1, 2 & 3 relay gala

Other activities, DIY and visits to hospitals and things, will be reported in due course.

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Line blocked: scraps stuck in drain;

To blow through, is a hazy plan to strike them free again?

No! Climb up, slide stick from high — then message get:

Water flows, but tap left on, so floor is wet!

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Yeo-ho-ho-ville Pirated

A typical Yeoville street in the present.

In a recent post Arkenaton of A Tale Unfolds featured the above picture taken in the suburb of Yeoville in Johannesburg. In response to a comment of mine he wrote:
Yeoville, like so many suburbs in Jo’burg is not what it once was … as you can imagine.
My own response to that was:
I have good reason to know: my maternal grandfather, a Rand Pioneer, had his double-storey home (or mansion, rather), ‘Fairlight’, in Yeoville in the good old days. Wish I could trace a picture of it I know I have seen lately.
I duly traced it, and here it is. The house was demolished in order to build a block of flats. Yes, I’d say Yeoville has suffered a decline . . .

Fairlight in Yeoville


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Concerted Valentine Party

The Loot

On 9th February I saw this competition, featuring two tickets to KwaZulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra concert on Valentine’s Night:



As may be seen, the second half featured Elgar, whose music we are both fond of, and I thought, ‘I should enter this.’ Then came a strange conviction. ‘If I do, I’m going to win.’ Thus, it was with pleasure but no real surprise that I received this email on 12th:


You have won the SoSuterBill Valentine’s Day competition – two KZNPO concert tickets for the Durban City Hall on February 14, as well as a Royal Hotel double coffee and cake/dessert voucher, plus a box of Lindt chocolate balls.

How did I know? I just know I knew. Was it something in the ether? Or was it me subconsciously thinking that it wasn’t everyone’s cup of cappuccino, and thus there might be few entries? Still, even if there were only two, for example, how did I know I would be the one of the two? Anyway, the cappuccino and Black Forest cake were delicious, and the cherry on top of the cherry on top of that was free wine before the start of the concert and during the interval.

(Further pics after planned ‘loadshedding’, or if it doesn’t happen.)

(Later: It hasn’t happened yet this evening, so additions have been made.)

The Durban City Hall is an almost exact copy of the Victorian Belfast City Hall, and a suitably British Colonial setting for Elgar music.



Our gallery seats didn’t exactly allow one any close-ups of the performers, but were perfect for an overview of the orchestra and for the sound. Note the lovely interior.


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Things Going Swimmingly — and NOT

Morning spent inside a barrel
With commands of, ’Do not move!’
Clad in rather scant apparel
The occasion to improve,
Has but little to commend it
I can bring into my mind,
And I rather would forefend it
Even though I need to find
What may lurk in my internals
Seeking mischief there to do,
And to clobber such infernals
‘Fore they start to start a zoo!

That was yesterday, but now bring
News delivered, not too bright;
Word ‘malignant’: that allowing
Somewhat of a state of fright!
In one kidney and in backbone
Lurk indeed what didn’t ought;
Things, before they can attack one,
Must with radio be caught;
So, for ten days, I’ll have streaming
Lots of lovely little rays —
I’ll set Geiger Counters screaming
While I’m going through this phase! 

When not lying in cramped machines or listening to gloomy news, I was able to enjoy watching granddaughter R in two galas. Yesterday she swam in the Top Eight Gala at school; while her results were not as good as in past years of glory, at least they were creditable. She was, one must recall, getting over a tear in an ankle ligament.

This afternoon she was in an Invitational Gala at Durban Girls’ College against them, St Mary’s, and Maris Stella. All races were relays, and she swam in the 50m Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Medley (breaststroke), and Freestyle Ladder Relay in her age group, and went well.

R in green cap 2nd lane away.



In close pursuit.

Race in progress at Durban Girls’ College.

I was even able to backwash the pool when I got home.

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Out of Power


Powerless Powerlines — In South Africa they are em-per-tee!


Load-shedding of current supply
Is raisin’ concerns as to why
In-sultana patience, from merely Stage Two,
Abruptly a move to Stage Four they should do,
Whereby twice a day, for a lark,
Deprived of spark, things all go dark.

My laptop holds sort-of a charge,
And lets me go on, by and large,
But it won’t allow me an internet chat –
It takes landline router to do all of that;
So I can now sit and compose,
But when I can post it, who knows?

Today Garden Judges in morn,
Then off to the school we had gorn
To watch the Squad doing their swimming,
Admiring J simply skimming;
And with lesson in swimming at four
I took her for swimming some more!

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Filters with Sand

Today featured breakfast (with filter coffee) at our local surfing establishment near the beach, and then (after some tips from a friend on the wiring) a final completion of my sand filter installation. Neatening-up will follow later. Testing was interrupted by two hours of the hated ‘load shedding’ switch-off of electricity. At this rate, I am constantly going to need to reset my new timer. Should I have left it without one and just done the daily on-and-offs manually?  *sigh*

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