Lying Doggo


From their senses they have skipped – Both of them have truly flipped!


Think that I will now aspire To stay here till there’s a fire; Here I’m sleeping like a log – Just call me a fire dog!


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Partying Shots from the Last Post

Hopefully WordPress will have got over the sulks enough to allow some other selected reflections of the Saturday party scene to be seen, and to let more visual party-cipation be added to the party-culars as set out previously:

That parties are a good idea

Would be a part he’d doubt

And that’s because he is, I fear,

Completely partied out.


If you think this reflects nearly all who attended, have anudder thunk. There were over 100 eager munchers. Fortunately the only thing we ran out of was milk.

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The last one above is from the following day’s party at home.  Note the kitten cake for this one.  Also note that the half of the sea-view deck so far completed is already in use!

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(Media won’t load – more pics will have to be added later.)WP_20160428_18_21_05_Pro

Assistance is required; S O S; dot-dot-dot dash-dash-dash dot-dot-dot; save me …

Somehow none of these seem right

In reaction to my plight,

Which has just achieved its heyday …

Oh, I know the one I need,

And I’ll utter it at speed,

It’s a most emphatic, ‘MAYDAY’!

The thing is, at this time of the year the younger pair of grandkids have birthdays.  R turned eight yesterday, and J becomes five on Tuesday. This means, in the mind of their dear Mama (Younger Daughter) that it is Party Time.  Cakes at J’s school.  Parties for adult relations and parties for adult friends, all spread over several days with much catering.  Those started on Friday, and the last one (I hope) will be tomorrow. After that there is still the ferrying of cupcakes and decorations to J’s school on Tuesday …

Then, of course, there was the kids’ party.  That was yesterday.  It was the culmination of weeks of work in making decorations and party packs etc. – all on a cat theme – and had a record number of eager acceptances from R-friends-and-classmates-and-their-parents and J-friends-and-classmates-and-their-parents. We needed to take over an entire school as the venue, where a good playground is laid on. YD augmented this by hiring a giant inflated jumping castle.

Also as part of the entertainment came puppies, a ferret, a terrapin, a tortoise, two owls, the compulsory bunny, a large selection of four-legged reptiles and snakes in assorted sizes, and a goat.  These distractions were just as well, because the weather chose that morning to change from the steamy heat of the preceding days.  Fortunately it started off with only cold and drizzle, which didn’t really put the kids off much, but towards the end the sky-faucet was being cranked open and by afternoon rain was belting down, encouraged by gale-force gusts.  We packed up in the nick of time.

All in all, though, it has been Mayhem well before April panicked and left.

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Gains and Losses in Poetic Translation

Counting little ditties and Wordles, and a long nonsense-rhyme written but not yet blogged, I have met the total of writing thirty poems for GloPoWriMo during April.
For this final day a translation is suggested.  I have chosen an Afrikaans poem learnt at school, and found it a challenging exercise to make the various trade-offs of rhyme, meaning and meter which become necessary:


C. Louis Leipoldt:

Die koperkapel kom uit sy gat
En sluip die randjie rond:
“Dit het gereën; die veld is nat,
En nat is die rooi-geel grond.”
Die meerkat kom, en sy ogies blink,
En hy staan orent en wag.
En die stokou ystervark sê:
“Ek dink Die reën kom weer vannag.”
Maar die geitjie piep:
“Dis glad nie reën!
Dis kollerig, swart en rooi:
Kom jy sulke reën in jou lewe teen –
So glad, so styf, so mooi?”
En die wyse steenuil waag sy woord:
“Dis bloed, dis mensebloed!
Dis die lewensbloed wat hierdie oord
Se bossie-wortels voed!”

(Colonialist translation.)


Cape cobra from his hole comes out,
And slithers ridge around:
“It’s rained; the wet veld leaves no doubt;
And wet is the yellow-red ground.”
The meerkat* comes, and he blinks his eyes,
And he stands upright to wait.
Hear the ancient porcupine advise:
“I think it’ll rain again, late.”
But the gecko chirps, “This is not rain;
It is patchy, black and red,
“Will you see such rain in your life again –
So smooth; stiff; fine?” he said.
And the wise old screech-owl adds his worth,
“It’s blood, here humans bleed!
It’s life-blood from this place’s earth
The bush-roots now will feed.”

*See my avatar picture.
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Does a RATion of RAT admiRATion make them bRATts?

Rat admiration as R and J admire a hamster upgrade ...

Rat admiRATion as R and J are shown her hamster upgrade by the niece of a friend …


The penultimate day of GloPoWriMo calls for a string of remembrances, while the current Weekly Photo Challenge theme is Admiration.

I recall when elder brother was a cat

I remember when a budgie was a friend,

The memory is dear of a bluebuck* that

Would follow when exploring ways I’d wend,

Then to mind will come a little white bundle

Which would yap at every other dog in sight

From a bag slung on bike as we would trundle;

I remember how he snuggled in at night …

When smuggled into hospital to see me,

I remember how much better, then, I felt;

And the loss of bird and dog, assuredly,

Were the worst blows up to then that life had dealt …

I remember then came German Shepherd puppy,

My great friend into my early adult life,

And, oh, how well that dog then brought me up; he

Even lent a paw in choosing my dear wife!

*Blue duiker, or Royal Antelope.

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A Really Awfully Backward Rite

I drove this today, but it didn't actually feature in the sad tale below ...

I drove this today, but it didn’t actually feature in the sad tale below …

The GloPoWriMo day 28 for today calls for a story to go backward.  Well, I’ve always been a backward sort of person, so this is right up my alley, or left down my yella!
(If you get hopelessly lost, start at the bottom and work up!)

The rite I need to do right now is write and let them know,  

The tracking says it did go through, and that they’ve got the dough,

I finally unearthed the form when closest to defeat,

It took most of the day to find where I’d put the receipt,

I was informed they’ll lock me up if I don’t promptly pay!

Things went all quiet for seven months, until, that is, today;

Well, regist’ring  a money order was what I did there;

They said, ‘Can’t do; it won’t go through,’ and I was in despair;

By electronic means the fine from me to fleece

‘Twas tried at supermarket and post office and police,

The date was, though, already most decidedly too late;

I had to send a hundred to them by a certain date;

I got these threats: No longer would I be allowed to drive,

Initial summons, very simply, never did arrive,

My number plate, the speed I did, most sadly did not dim it,

It seems in May last year that I expeeded the seed limit,

This is the sort of news I cannot say that I take best …

Today I learnt a warrant was now out for my arrest.

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Really Awful Rhyme in Seventeen Silly Bubbles

Although you here may quite very well enquire as to what the fliipin' heck, You will find we're giving is expression to desire for building on a deck!

Although you here may very well enquire as to what the fliipin’ heck,
You’ll find it gives expression to our desire for building on a deck!

The NaPoWriMo Day 27 (actually, GloPoWriMo for those like me outside the U S of A) prompt challenges one to produce a poem of seventeen syllables per line: 

To write impossibly extended lines, let us try a limerick:

It would be interesting to discover if that can do the trick,

Although, when you get to the end of a line

You’ve kind of lost track whether everything’s fine,

And they look artificial, all the extra words you have in to stick.


Mayhap, though, we should seek to wander down that road where the sonnets dwell,

And fill our lines with flowery words related to love and desire?

Although a sonnet with so many syllables does not do too well,

And hardly sets the poetic muse on anything resembling fire …


An ode, perchance?  As in, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, Ode to an Ode here?

Thy form is bad, not lending itself to presenting proper praising,

In fact, this attempt to venerate and hold thee so extremely dear,

Is merely going to have the result of lots of eyebrow-raising …


No, all in all, to stretch the lines to accommodate seventeen beats,

At the end of the day Is a waste of time, which the object defeats.

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