An Astrology Charlatan.



Where shine, show chain of stars in line;
Calculus, with root of nine;
Sliver sets game afoot to feign a train
A crime one should disdain,
To falsify such design.



© September 2018 Colonialist


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The Far Side of The Far Side

On the far side is The Bluff, which comes to a point opposite The Point, ironically enough, to form the Durban Harbour entrance. The city centre is to the left.


We live on the far side of the hill on the skyline, so this rooftop view shows how far we travel to take kids to school and sport each day.

This depiction of a far side wasn’t a Larson Far Side, but it deserves to be!


© September 2018 Colonialist
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Automatic ‘Copy WordPress Posts to Facebook’ Function

I was annoyed when this facility was removed amidst a flood of incomprehensible jargon and computer-jabber. I was even more annoyed when google and Bing searches gave more of the same, but the gist was either that it was no longer an option, or that one would have to pay for an interface.

Then, just for fun, I clicked on the title of my then latest post, copied the address at the top, and pasted that on my Facebook wall. Instant reproduction of post!  So that is how I will handle it in future to keep several Fb fans happy who don’t do WP.  It means that I will in future be the one to do it automatically, but so what?  It’ll still happen!

And now, here we have a pair of portraits of self and spouse by a promising young artist.  J (7) was rightly proud of them! I do think mine is a bit flattering, though . . .


The colours of the clothing was carefully matched by the artist.

© September 2018 Colonialist
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Really Awful School Daze






I spend a lot of time at school each day,
More so, I fear I’m bound to say,
Than when I was a scholar,
For in those days I liked to shirk
And was averse to any work
That I just couldn’t foller.







Well, yesterday the inter-house
For junior hockey, I and spouse
Attended all the morning,
And there we watched our little J
Put in such creditable play
That we were far from yawning.

All other photos showed her in the action and obscured by other players!








This morning saw us as supports —
R’s senior inter-house-type sports —
‘Our’ house came out as leaders;







Swimming is R’s thing, not running, but she still gave it a full go!








Then afternoon was junior squad,
Where J did anything but plod,
And was one of the speeders.

Tomorrow I will bunk from school,
But still I have to go to pool,
For club swim for young R there,
At least I won’t get dunce’s stool,
As when I always played the fool;
From that, I have got far there!

© September 2018 Colonialist
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The Magic Show Riddle


Drive your strength to seek ten letters

The buzzer goes when finish raffle,

Instinct, speed, will blow out betters,

On-stage, your spirit brains will baffle.



© September 2018 Colonialist



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This Springs from Springs from Springs in Spring

A Bouncy Box

These days to get ones clothes online
May not mean what you think:
That wash and dry this may define
Does not receive a wink

No; shopping these days can be done
While staring at a screen,
On big, or even smaller one,
The products may be seen

The weird thing is that even though
Delivery will cost,
The saving on the price is so
That one will not have lost

A parcel I have just received
Has saved me quite a lot
Unless Im very much deceived,
And do not know whats what

Some spares for trampoline these be
Of all the funny things,
The shipment that you here may see
Consists of springs from Springs!

 (Yes, where I was able to source my spare springs was from a town 550 Km away called Springs! Note Katy (or Kitty) Purry, the Quality Inspector!)

© September 2018 Colonialist
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Picnic Blanket for Sissies

At the flea market before last (the last one was deluged out talking of which we now have a burst pipe down the road someplace and no water) I found this folding table and bench set and a R40 offer was accepted. It had a bad crack in one corner, and the struts inside were on their way out. A skilled friend made a new set for me which I fitted with a great deal of labour the old bolts were rusted fast, one couldnt get at them with a hacksaw, and finally the only solution was to put such strain on them that they snapped. The new supports work a treat, and I even fashioned a sliding catch to replace one broken and missing (not shown). My repairs on the broken and cracked bits of table will not please the perfectionist, but the parts that show look OK and those that dont are really sturdy.

 The table will be taken to the grandparents morning for the Form 1 classes, and we will look down snootily at lesser mortals sitting on their blankets.

 I am being kept busy on several highly exciting book-related projects, some of which have already been hinted at.

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