Really Awful Fun

These were beneath us as we cruised.

Yesterday we went to join the fish,
On top of them, at first, it was our wish;

Grandkids and a friend were with me on a boat just like this one.

With gondola, canals were well explored
But not the sharky bits! the kids implored,

This shows one of the stretches of canal.

For this was not in Venice time was spent,
But to uShaka, Durban, that we went;

The bushy bit is Durban’s famous Bluff, but you have to go a very long way around to get there.

We nearly reached home hill; but further south,
Right in between, youll find the harbour mouth!


From then on, we were in with the fish!

So then to Yacht Club Beach-sites where we moved,
And time with boogie boarding we improved,
My board has been left idle just of late,
And riding waves again was simply great;
Too much exertion one can easily score,
For, when washed in, one dashes out for more,
And curses if the dash was just too slow
To catch the perfect wave now come on show!

© April 2017 Colonialist
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Too Stressed to write more than Two Stresses — Distress!

Dipodic or Skeltonic verse

Has two beats moving in a hearse;

Day Twenty-Eight GloPoWriMo

Invites such skeletons to show!

Skeltonic rhyme:

Double time;

A verbal crime

Not worth a dime,

With a mime

Of eating slime

And lime

Mixed with grime.


Rhyming bones

Not worth stones;

Fit for crones

To say in tones

Just like clones

Of some moans,

Plus groans,

Over phones.

©  April 2017 Colonialist
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Salvaging Live Ammunition, and in Bad Taste

Another Wordle (294) I missed, and I like the picture it created in my mind and the one (with the help of Wiki and Paint) I then created here.  I managed to add fewest possible words, but had to juggle a bit to keep the given words in order. 

I am also counting this towards GloPoWriMo.

Crane handle grab; strap in;

Trim slack; a single fault, here,

Can undo; winch in line and grin

Vent, as shell surfaces, a cheer!

And, on the GloPoWriMo prompt of ‘Taste’, a tasteful limerick:

How sad that foods delicious to the taste
Invariably go straight to the waist;
It would give much better luck
If those foodstuffs tasted yuck,
And got moved away from in the greatest haste.

If burgers tasted just like rancid oil,
And ice cream like green beans too long on boil,
Guarantee results would be
That we’d eat more healthily —
This, the urge towards obesity would foil.

Maybe taste-reversing might be worth a try;
If the salads tasted just like apple-pie,
And the apple-pie like lettuce,
It would break loose of the fetters
Of bad eating in the twinkling of an eye!

© April 2017 Colonialist
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A Really Awful Stay


For Wordle 296 (a tough one to do in order and in rhyme — I’ve added far more than my usual tally of words).

Thrum of the rig as stay snaps at the deck;

Disaster is courted off Florida Keys;

Hollow the wish that the stay’d had a check

Rows of lethal gale-whipped flying glass one flees;

Crew fight to strip the sails before they split,

And jury-rig a stay before the next hit.

I also wanted this to add to my GloPoWriMo tally, and when double-checking to see how far short I am falling of the 30 poems in 30 days, wondered why there was one missing.  Alas, it seems I had previewed this one but never posted it!  *bashes head against wall*

© April 2017 Colonialist
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An Archaeo-illogical Report

Day 26 of GloPoWriMo invites one to  depict an archaeologist of the future’s analysis of something he discovered in our world. I think what follows is an accurate reflection of the way their minds operate in general.

Them All 

Our diggings have unearthed a hall
Quite perfectly preserved,
On many shelves our sensors fall
For study well deserved,
Variety of artefacts
Is quite incredible,
And indicate some secret pacts
With things inedible. 

Conclusion has to be ‘Them All’
(For thus it is transcribed)
Is what some past race used to call
The gods to which subscribed,
Thus all the strange things here displayed
And placed upon these planks
Were offerings to these gods they made
So as to offer thanks. 

They could not be of use to them;
The builders then would be,
Intelligence with carbon stem:
Perceptors indicate a few
Were actually not grown,
Which indicates some beings who
Kinetic skills have shown.

© April 2017 Colonialist
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Currently Deprived, and Exploring Space

GloPoWriMo Lament

How sad it is that it should be,
For catching up with poetry,
To meet, this month, the thirty spot,
The chances, now, are not so hot. 

For yesterday, entirely,
We lost our electricity;
And when with pen I have to jot
A poem, well, I can do not! 

So now I will just have to see
What can be churned out speedily;
I am behind an awful lot
Will writing now end in a blot? 


For Day Twenty-Five of GloPoWriMo one faces dealing with spaces. A box was suggested, but it has to be small, definite, and meaningful to me. I think this qualifies.

Exploring Space


A swap done as a little boy
With cousin, for unwanted toy,
Gave me a box of many tricks,
With sliding secret panels, for
To open; and I made false floor;
There many memories I store,
Like silver card-case filled with pix. 

Puff-adder fang youll also find,
And my first watch, which will not wind,
(The Heads Dad flew to, without me,
And bribed me with it, for, tis true
Twas school time when that flight he flew,
And take me with him would not do,
But I opposed vehemently.) 

Some medals inside there remain,
My first dog-whistle on a chain,
Harmonica minute in size,
And lens for microscope packed there,
Together with a note-book, where
Find codes and drawings penned with care;
Small diary provides surprise. 

As can be seen, there are several unlisted items. I also forgot to open the false bottom, so the contents are still there.

© April 2017 Colonialist
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Marginally Really Awful

The prompt for Day Twenty-Four of GloPoWriMo is, entertainingly:

Marginalia of medieval manuscripts

Can run from the bizarre to the obscene,

The production of such work by cloistered nondescripts

Show minds that go where they have never been!

They do like to have strange animals ride stranger ones,

And rabbits cutting people into bits,

Anatomically they venture forth where danger runs,

Depicting things that send prudes into fits,

But they hope nobody much is going to notice them,

And are too busy making out each word,

While the ones who spot a naughty rabbit show, ‘tis them

Who will conjecture, ‘Cannot be; absurd!’

Some are cute: it could be that the artist Tenniel

Found inspiration in these drawings clear,

There must be a source of insight quite perennial

For Jabberwock or March Hare to appear.

© April 2017 Colonialist
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