Rooly awful emulation and improoved voos.


We decided the wooden windows wooden do, so the outlook is being improved all round.

We decided the wooden windows wooden do, so the outlook is being improved all round.


Rooinously emusing


If a kanga didn’t rue a situation,

What requirement would make that kanga rue?

Quite simply, clothing, on them: deprivation -

For kanga, rude, at that stage would ensue.


While emus would regard it as a giggle,

And would burst out in the most emu’s sing-song;

Emu’s meant would be found in every wriggle,

To emu-nise from dullness all year long.

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Really Awful stuff generally …


After a short spell of editing this morning, I decided that getting up had been a really bad idea, so I undid it by returning to bed where I shivered uncontrollably for a couple of hours.  Then I slept for the rest of the day.  Nothing to eat.  At 21h00 I suddenly decided that I may actually live, so had some looks at the blog.  That is a really fast-acting and speedy departure ‘flu, methinks!  Mind you, I still feel inclined for a night’s sleep to add to my day’s sleep.

Wanna come and play in our sand pile?  We have homely little effects like that all over the place!  *sob*

Wanna come and play in our sand pile? We have homely little effects like that all over the place! *sob*



(Piccie Wiki)


Rock-art science?

A troll named Kong put heart and soul

Into rolling rock groups as his goal;

Rock groups grew and grew,

But nobody knew

They’d really got art of Kong troll!

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Photo Challenge: Reward: Goes Swimmingly

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Six-year-old granddaughter R representing her new school in an inter-school gala yesterday - the reward for taking her swimming seriously.

Six-year-old granddaughter R (centre – green cap) representing her school, which she only entered this year, in an inter-school gala yesterday – the reward for taking her swimming seriously.

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Weekly photo challenge: Three Thirds make a Hole

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Rule of Thirds.”

It will be noted that I have put three photos forward for this week’s challenge, and that I have introduced some hokeh pokeh with a DIY bokeh whereby I invite the viewers to cross their eyes when looking at everything except the off-centre subject.

Left out

Left out



Hedge-hole, right?

Hedge-hole, right?

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No comment – this is for Wordless Wednesday!

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Create With Joy

Create With Joy

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Really Awfully Hard to Swallow

Barn Swallow Valley

Last weekend we went to a site near our new International White Elephant – er, I mean Airport – where thousands upon thousands of barn swallows put on a display before roosting for the night. One can scarcely believe the size of the swirling black clouds they form. Even with my mobile phone camera I think they would have shown up had it not been that the skies were grey. I must cite that all I have to show is the view from the conservancy site where one gathers to see the exciting sight.

It calls for another visit on a fine evening (before they migrate) and with better equipment.

I started a rhyme on the subject after return, but editing and a million other things have yet again kept me from blogging – until now when I have opted out of a birthday party the kids have been taken to, and can do my own thing for a short while.

Brace yourselves:

One swallow doesn’t make a spring

To wind up or compress -

When thousands do their summer thing,

That’s summ’r-thing else, I guess!


Barn swallows form a swirling cloud,

Appearing as comes night,

But no barn-dancing is allowed –

There’s not a barn in sight!


But with massed aerial display

When dark clouds they all form,

In two ways, one may truly say,

Those swallows do barnstorm!


If there’s one swallow big enough

To squash you to a pulp,

Then what you’d call that feathered tough

Is just a great big gulp?


And so my swallow tale is done,

But as a final fork,

What would you call a little one -

A ‘taste’ or ‘sip’ – in talk?

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Brilliant comedy and dark tragedy


Perfect Nonsense

Last evening we attended the Durban premiere of Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense.

As we set out – without raingear – precipitation commenced.  It continued during our journey, made driving difficult when passing through areas suffering de-lightedly from load-shedding power cuts, and persisted when we found parking some distance from the theatre.  Our attempts to make the transition through the damp as swiftly as possible were frustrated by a downer when the upper of one of Much Better Half’s shoes parted company with the sole.  Hobble trouble, which made progress at the double impossi-bubble.

Somewhat soggy, we arrived with little time to spare, but were soon entranced by the sheer ingenuity of the show in concept, dialogue, sets (produced by various ‘impromptu’ miracles which are attributed to the inimitable Jeeves) and interpretation by the talented cast of three.  Bertie Wooster (Jonathan Roxmouth) recounts the story while Graham Hopkins as Jeeves, and Robert Fridjhon as Seppings, do their own parts but also have to supply him with impersonations of numerous other characters including Aunt Dahlia, Sir Roderick Spode, Madeleine Basset, and Gussie Fink-Nottle.  At one stage on one stage three actors are staged as playing four.  One is female, front view; and male, back view.  A dog, Bartholomew, is however played by a puppet which gets very attached to one of the characters – by the leg, with teeth.  The whole thing is incredibly clever, and hilariously funny.  Those who have never encountered Wodehouse before could find no better place to do so, and fans of the books will love this version.

Cow creamer

At interval, after suitable congratulations, I asked the director, Steven Stead, if there was any duct tape backstage for MBH’s shoe.  ‘I’ll find some gaffer tape for you there after the show,’ he responded.

I staggered back.  ‘Oops,’ I said.  ‘I’ve just corrected a script I’m editing for a playwright from Scotland who used that term,’

‘That’s what it’s known as in theatrical circles,’ I was assured.

I do love these synchronistic aids to my editing endeavours …

Anyway, we were just wondering if there was time to grab some wine from the bar when everyone suddenly took the dimmest possible view of everything … due to an unscheduled power cut.

That was it.  The second half couldn’t, and didn’t, happen.  The tradition of ‘the show must go on’ can’t apply when it has been structured to depend so much on electronic aid.  It was disappointing and frustrating for the audience; it must have been heartbreaking for everyone involved in the production.

If ‘that’s showbiz!’ it shouldn’t be – but in Darkest-Yet-Getting-Even-Darker Africa it is becoming normal.  Our telephone has been out for several days, and I had no internet for the whole of today.  It only came back on after we had a (scheduled) two-hour power-out at suppertime …

Though not all white

To say it’s black -

For PC types might

Feel a lack

Of sensitivity -

So it will have to be:

Well, fair enough,

It has gone dark –

Of brains and stuff

There’s not a spark

Of any kind in sight -

They’re simply not that bright.


(Guess what,

To add to all the blight

I’ve got


The net has taken flight!)

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