Really Awfully Tolled

Worgle 252 from The Sunday Whirl is a particularly hard one to do with all words in the order given, plus brevity, rhyme, and sense.  Here, the sense requires a particularly agile imagination:

Wordle 252


On mission, when unwilling to be lost,

Tolls keep on track to sense misleading gloss;

Though itch, some nights, no bell should pay such cost,

Rings spring to stand against direction loss.

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Jubilant 2 … Too … Two!


I have to have a second stab at The Daily Post Photo Challenge.  This morning provided the motivation for the whole family to be Jubilant.

The annual prize-giving at the swim school attended by both grandchildren occurred in two sessions, both causing a local school hall (handily within walking distance from home) to be packed.  We didn’t think the girls had done as well this year as in previous ones, so weren’t expecting much. In fact, as the first awards for the juniors progressed through from achievement certificates to badges and medals until it was only a question of ten trophies, we decided young  J (just-turned 5) had missed out.  Then, right near the end, the winner of the Best Girl Swimmer was announced – yes, young J! She received a cup which three years previously had been engraved with the name of her elder sister.


The same sequence was followed with the Senior event three hours later – except that just-turned-8 R was awarded a second 800-metre badge for her attempt at the 1500 where her time had been too slow. We thought that was her little lot, and knew it for sure when another girl with a faster time scooped the distance cup. Then came Best Boy Swimmer, and Best Girl Swimmer, and at the end, Best All Round Achievement Trophy. Guess who … yes, R!


So both kids came away with broad smiles and trophies, while their mom and grandparents matched the smiles.

Following the disappearance and recovery of border collie Toby, who is now back to normal, we have been involved in two more dog rescues, tracing of owners, and returns. I hope these things go in threes, and that is IT! The only possible weakness we found in our own boundary protection has now been permanently and securely fixed, and I trust the other owners will be equally attentive.

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Really Awfully Jubilant

The latest Photo Challenge on WordPress invites us to be Jubilant.

Once was an ant employed
To be a debt collector;
A job that he enjoyed,
In nipping each defector.

Although a few will rant
That sad it was to choose him,
It made him due bill ant,
So that’s how best to use him!

Now, to assist in recovery from the above, a trio of pictures I feel fit the theme:

Jubilant 1

Jubilant 2

Jubilant 3

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Why Colonialist?

Robert Hart

Robert Hart (1777 – 1867), argued as having been the first English-speaking South African – a direct ancestor.

Why, since inception, have I deliberately used a blog identity which has become increasingly controversial and in some (ignorant) circles is regarded as being akin to ‘racist’?

I do it out of pride in my background.

Note that the meanings I ascribe to ‘colonist’ and ‘colonialist’ are the simple and clear-cut ones – the former denotes one of the original group or individuals who colonise a country, while the latter is a colonial resident and/or a proponent of colonists and colonialism.

My ancestors go back to any number of colonists and colonialists both, almost to the days of the first Dutch arrivals. In historical perspective, the actions of colonists in moving to countries like Africa, America or Australia were an inevitable part of the development of all of these places. With the benefit of modern thinking, one may well condemn many of the methods used to subdue and subjugate local populations; however if all of those now wailing in horror at the thought of it were to be translated back in time and circumstances they would behave no differently.

What I choose to admire and celebrate is the wealth of achievement of this group of people, no less my own direct ancestors. Often arriving with hardly any possessions, and faced with primitive conditions and incredible hardships, they used courage, enterprise and hard work to carve out a place for themselves, their descendants, and all inhabitants. Everyone living in former colonies who now enjoys the benefits of modern living, whatever race, colour, creed or persuasion they may be, undoubtedly owes a debt of gratitude to such ‘settlers’ and their offspring. Empty and populist rhetoric would have it otherwise, but such talk is aimed at those who allow emotion and myth to override logical thought.

P.S. Settling a bit of Extra Perspective:

This WP blog was opened to run concurrently with my first one, started in 2007 with 24.Com which became Letterdash, after the writing on the wall showed that the first platform was terminally ill (RIP).  That blog was titled ‘Settler’s Perspective’ and ‘Colonialist’ was my avatar.  My meerkat picture was carried over from that, and I have never felt the urge to change it.

screenshot 1

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My Worgle and My Worg – Which is Worgse?

Wordle 251 using my usual self-imposed rules of words in order, adding as few as possible, and rhyming:

WORDLE 251             


Hung less high made the painted fish,

Upon their screen of the finest cloth,

Enter sight last, as was the wish:

Above, flowers burn, butterfly o’er moth,

For the blooms took all the colours bright …

But the striking fish were subtly white.


My Word! Even though my Power Point can Excel, my Outlook is bleak and I’ve been thrown out of Office!

My Office program never really got on with MS 10 when I downloaded it, and has been increasingly crabby and argumentative ever since. Finally it has gone into revolt, so tomorrow I will *sob* have to purchase and download a 2016 edition. Hopefully that will enable me to put in a more regular appearance here than of late. It is painful to have to spend hours watching a whirling wheel whenever on internet. Of course the suspense of waiting to see if there will be a result or a timeout every time ‘Enter’ or ‘Send’ is pressed might be regarded as entertaining – but, then, it might not.

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Toby or not Toby, that is the Quest (not to) Shun …

Last night we went out for supper with two other families to Kya Beach at the Eco Park a Km or so away from us. While we were chomping and glugging, there were a few distant rumbles of thunder, followed by a single significant one. ‘Uh-oh!’ we chorused. ‘Toby’s outside, and he’ll be paranoid!’ (This is the sheepdog who normally acts as a head-scarf in bed during bouts of thunder.)

When we got home he wasn’t just paranoid. He was gone. The fences and walls are impregnable, but he levitated over somewhere and somehow. The rest of the evening was spent in touring the neighbourhood on foot and in cars. This morning more scenic drives happened, attempts were made to phone SPCA and local vets, and also the Facebook networks were well and truly activated.

The rest of the family were out buying roof paint when a call came through to me from the husband of a friend who was sitting in a movie but had just received a Fb message that a dog answering Toby’s description had been seen in the Eco Park. The family returned just as I got to the gate and garages, young R climbed in with me, and we shot off. We enquired from the guard at the Park boom gates. No, he hadn’t seen a black dog. Some 100 metres through those gates, I let out a disbelieving shout, ‘That’s Toby!’

‘Where?’ asked a bewildered R. The sorry-looking shape I had glimpsed ahead of us had vanished. We raced to the spot just in time to see it moving out of sight behind buildings. ‘Toby!’ we yelled. Poised to flee, he looked at us … then the ears came up and he limped towards us with an, ‘Is it really you?’ expression.

R opened the car door, and he jumped onto her, whimpering and trembling. We ignored the fact that he stank and was covered in burrs and went into an orgy of petting before setting off for home. At the gate again, the guard said, ‘You wanting that dog? You not say he have red collar.’

Safely at home, Toby drank a few gallons of water, and then all he wanted to do was sleep.


Doggone dog doggo.

Much of my afternoon was spent in detecting the only spot low enough for a possible collie-leap over the wall, (from a ledge on a retaining wall below) and then heightening it.

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Painfully Cut Off with a Chainsaw

Hut after cut

On Moanday it was set as my endeavour
With chainsaw, branches over garden hut,
To cut; but something else was there I’d sever –
The land-line (sky-line?) – what a silly mutt!

The roof was overdue for being painted,
And painter keen on sloshing lots of paint,
But at the thought of chainsaws he near fainted –
He said, ‘I paint; but woodcutter I ain’t!’

So up I climbed, with chainsaw at the red-y,
(Though it was green we wanted, and not red)
And from a perch that wasn’t all that steady,
My sawing skills were -ible, quite incred-!

Note bits of now-painted roof, and the offending cable.

Note bits of now-painted roof, and the offending cable.

But tangled in the branches was this cable …
I found it, and avoided it with care;
Too late! It turns out that I had been able
To nick it with the first cut I’d made there.

That slice of bad luck left me with no landline,
And took out more important things as well –
To live without the telephone I’d stand fine,
But not without the darn ADSL!

Eventually they patched the thing together,
And backlog emails came in by the score
To tell of unread posts; I don’t know whether
I’ll have the time to read them any more.

So that’s the reason why I have been missing –
I’m back, though, so you can all cheer and shout
With jubilation – Hey, who is that hissing?
You nasty, unappreciative lout!

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