Kitten, kittener, kittennest.


What sort of bird is in that nest?
It’s like that of a hadeda,
But ibis don’t have ears, so best
Of guesses is an owl, by far.


But, wait!  This owl greets with a mew,
And sports some whiskers, and long tail,
Owls doing that are very few …
Fact it is kitten must prevail!

Today, a problem at the pond,
One of the kits was catching fish,
And of that sport was growing fond …
How can I cure her of that wish?

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A Wordle of Really Awful Choices

Wordle 263

Wordle 263WP_20160604_15_33_16_Pro

Should I make ‘post’ a ‘part of fence’? Or ‘mail’?
And make the ‘part’ part as in ‘left; bereft’?
Brush plate, to plate it with a silver trail?
Bless me? Lost in some blessed brush? Turn left?
Break free? Take turn for free beer (that is stale)?
To only count the only Count is deft?
You enter cross for voting without fail,
Or enter, cross, when you have warped your weft?

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Though Framed, Still Really Awfully Guilty


Dracaenas framed

Frame is the topic here this week;

Here of Dracaenas, framed, a peek,


The frame is back of motor car

Where they’ve been carted from afar

To fill in garden’s empty spots,

Of which we still have lots and lots!

From Bridge of SAS Protea in Durban Harbour

And Durban city here is seen:

The framing in this case has been

From place you might call floatier – 

The bridge, SAS Protea,

This modern ship aged forty-four

Discovers more and more and more,

Within the field hydrography,

And sees  an awful lot of sea!

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Putting on Really Awful Airs

You need to be aware
A bear will still be bear
No matter if all hairy;
Should fairy, most unfair,
At Fair, fair fare prepare,
How dare he make it dairy?

Now, if you ride mere mare
You may be certain there
Will be a ride that’s merry,
But if you stare at stair
And ‘up ’ or ‘down’ declare,
To take such step be wary!

A funeral is where
There is a certain heir
Of hope extraordinary;
But should such hopes all err,
And there will come no share,
With corpse those hopes they’ll bury!

Though weight you may have tare,
Wait! Tear some off of there —
A way to weigh contrary*;
And though a pear you pare,
It won’t appear a pair —
All really somewhat scary.

*as in ‘Mary, Mary quite …’
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Errancy  — Airs Above the Ground, but not as in Lipizzaners.

Mozart would have been disappointed that this part of the episode was since censored out.  The subject appeals to sweet little girls as well as to brilliant musicians, by the way.

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Really Awful Used Car Advertisement

Wordle 262

 tired-car-animated Wordle 262

‘The boot and trim slight damage’, tick

You should cringe print lifts not live each chip!

Deception mist stem; makes one sick

That such moonstruck yarns you spin and flip!

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Making Exhibitions of Ourselves.

The Durban and Coast Horticultural Society section of the Sustainable Living Exhibition.

The Durban and Coast Horticultural Society section of the Sustainable Living Exhibition.

For the second of three days running, we described some of the principles of design as shown in our model, we answered questions on matters horticultural — and some that had no connection with that subject — and we invited people to match seeds with the plants they had come from, with seeds and seedlings as prizes.  Various demonstrations on propagation and how to grow plants were given, and I ran a series of looped Power Point presentations on various subjects including the history of the Society, gardens featured in the Garden of the Year Competition, and invasive and indigenous plants and trees.

As some of our number were leaving in the afternoon, the heavens opened and a fair amount of getting wet happened,  including to people assisting them with stuff to go to their cars – meaning me.

We had just retired to our cottage after supper when told on the intercom from the house that the next-door Jack Russell had arrived on the front doorstep.  I proceeded out into more wetness to find out how he had progressed from one dog-proof garden to another dog-proofed garden.  I failed.  The owner was called back from being entertained at a friend’s house and she reclaimed a happy yapper, without being able to explain how her Houdini hound had done it.

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Rare Medium, Well Done

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Rare has provided the perfect opportunity for me to post pictures I would, in any case, have featured today:

'C'mon!' you say, 'though it is fair, I wouldn't call that garden rare!'

‘C’mon!’ you say. ‘Though it is fair,
I wouldn’t call that garden rare!’

Oh, OK then, so let us try The same without me adding sky!

Oh, OK then, so let us try
The same without me adding sky!

Another angle let us view: Does it now look more rare to you?

Another angle let us view:
Does it now look more rare to you?

I now reveal the news that shocks: This is a garden in a box!

I now reveal the news that shocks:
This is a garden in a box!

This garden-on-a-table is an exhibit at the Durban and Coast Horticultural Society, to illustrate the importance of design, at Durban’s annual Sustainable Living Exhibition.  (The ‘accidental’ substitution of an ‘o’ for one ‘i’ there would have given rise to much interest, no doubt!)  :)  The show runs from today (Friday) to Sunday. 

I made the wooden frame and prepared the metal container — an old drip-tray for a geyser — while the rest was done by Much Better Half and her sister.  All the plant material is real and growing, and the central ‘paving tiles’ were cut out of egg-boxes.  This is the Garden Judges’ subsection’s contribution to the DCHS stand.  There are numerous other things going on there.

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