A Taxing Period

I dashed Wordle 308 off somewhat, for which — as well as my recent absence — I have a good cover story. I have re-re-revised my Darx Circle cover for final printing, and am also in the throes of designing new covers for reprints of Tabika and Tabika Book Two.

Taxation, these days, seems to be increasingly a matter of extracting from the few under the pretext of redistributing to the many, but ultimately benefiting a different few …

The need to cream earnings off, brutally, see

With scorn as it flees, face-mask hiding all skin;

This storm the Receiver of Revenue be —

Digs depths that no poet in words can put in.

© July 2017 Colonialist
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Cats-22 Situation

We arrived at our new home with only one cat, Mr Mac, and he settled in remarkably. Then came the predicament of the two feral gingers, Pearl and Amber, and we duly adopted them. ‘No more,’ we said. But, more recently, had the wildcat that captured the heart of Younger Daughter at the factory where she works. That is where we declared, firmly, ‘enough already; if we carry on like this we’ll have twenty-two of them before you know it.’

Last week, however, Much Better Half arrived home with another cat! A friend, who on a school run gives her a lift back from visiting her sister, had found it under her car at home looking bedraggled and painfully thin. The family are not cat people, so MBH offered to adopt. Just as well, as things turned out. ‘Not-cat people’ would not have recognised that this kitty was seriously unwell. We did, from her lack of appetite and listlessness, and the next day I took her to the vet where she was filled up with antibiotics.

Over the next few days she would only move out of the room if I was in another nearby. She slept under my chin at night, and followed me around whenever she could, complicating any activities like playing the piano or working at the computer.

I could tell she was recovering well when, instead of greeting me after I had been out by rubbing with great affection against my hand, she pounced on it! Furious (clawless) kicking and scratching and (gentle) biting followed, and I now have to play-fight her regularly before she will settle down — still as close to me as possible.

MBH is a bit miffed. ‘Who adopted you?’ she says accusingly to Tabitha, as she named her, when she sees me receiving such preferential attention.

Tabitha is learning to ignore our long-suffering dogs, be wary of the ginger twins, and explore her territory more and more daily. Mr Mac feels a bit put out, but hopefully will soon learn that he is still much loved, even though no longer completely exclusive in our cottage.

The Cats-22 is that when we say we are not having any more cats, we promptly get another. Yet, if we looked for more, we would certainly find them.

© July 2017 Colonialist
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Almost for Flea

I riffled through these at the local Flea Market on Saturday. The stallholder said they were R5.00 each  (wow!)  but urged me to take the lot for R30.00 ($2.24 or £1.74 — for nothing!). Although I wouldn’t normally have been interested in a few of them, I thought, ‘Why not!’ and grabbed. I did myself a good turn: it turned out that some I would have turned down turned up trumps!

I like all of them, but knowing that I am into classical classics, can you guess which ones I am particularly pleased with? For those with poor picture quality, we have there Classic Rock: Rhapsody in Black; Adiemus: The Eternal Knot; Classical Highlights; The Romantic Mozart; The Mantovani Orchestra; The Boys Choir of the Vienna Woods; Panpipes Play the Carpenters; James Bond Film Themes.

By the way, my side bar has started being tidied up a bit so that, shortly,  I can add something very important to me near the top.

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Taureg Prophesy


Caravans across the shimmering sand

Dust-rhythm shot with every plume;

Chill of night to pick advent of band;

With stars the prophet foretells doom

Sheets that all but foolish understand.

© July 2017 Colonialist
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Just Bee Cause, Sea!

With school out, I took the kids on the long drive to the beach (3 minutes).

After getting dumped by a few waves, they decided the pool was a better idea.

This little guy was doing a rather poor freestyle in the pool. In spite of a phobia about anything that flies and may sting, I took him out. He then made life interesting by staying on my hand for 20 minutes to dry out before he flew away. Cute expression, though.

© July 2017 Colonialist
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Major Scale in Sea

Was of fish all, sharking whales
Noted when it came to scales,
Now, all love a sardine so
Comes no ray when note is Do;
Piano sole-oh you might hake
Better porpoise sound can make —
At my plaice was needed sooner
Eel-ing by the piano tuna!

© July 2017 Colonialist
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Spray Heads

The Blowhole is found along to the left of that far sticky-out bit to the left, but is best left alone!

Village with a Blow-hole of its own;

A wave, expect to surge into the stone

To swallow it, then comes a mighty quake;

Laughs local tribe as stranger wet will make

When standing on the edges; has a fit

As spray of water out of it will spit.


My old village of Knysna Heads has been on my mind a lot lately. Wordle 306 is just tailor-made for reflecting one of our childish amusements, when the tide was right, of watching unsuspecting sightseers get drenched.

© July 2017 Colonialist


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