rexaler / relaxer … whichever way round

relaxI know that I am copy-catting in response to the kittypic shown in Photo Challenge for the Relax theme, but what could do it better?  Mister Mac taking a cat nac … nap


I can throw a dog into the mix, if you like, but she doesn’t look half as relaxed.  Amber with poogley-woogle  Gemma.

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A Rhinoceros at the Pool

Pools and schools have figured largely in my life just lately. Take yesterday: in the morning was R’s prizegiving event at her school, and after that we shot off to get my Yacht Club (on the edge of a pretty big pool called Durban Bay) tag updated. Then there was a trip to a nursery to get some more plants for the ongoing garden replanting exercise including round the pool. Then, in the afternoon, we had to pick R up from a friend’s house and go to J’s school for her Monkeynastics prizegiving and display. Then, a notice came up on R’s school communicator – with only a few hours’ notice there was an evening compulsory gala for Swimming Squad, so it was back across town. Pity the schools are quite a distance from home and from one another!

It was our wedding anniversary, and today is Much Better Half’s birthday, but there hasn’t been much of a chance to do much about either. Champagne did figure on tonight’s menu, though.

Anyway, another pool visited was the edge of the Indian Ocean after I picked J up from school, where we each found a cowrie, and later this afternoon was R’s normal swimming lesson at 16h30. On the way out of the pool area I encountered this impressive not-so-little fellow and posed him for a portrait.


Rhinoceros beetle


I had another furiously buzzing spade-headed beetle bomb me just before I started this, but that picture will have to wait. At this rate, I’ll be replaying all the old Beatles numbers, just to get in the mood. I have been listening to Handel’s Water Music on the car player, as it happens, so that sorts the pool part.

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A Do, But Don’t: Really Awful Temptation



The Silly Season has begun,
Where everyone is out for fun;
I’ve just attended banking do
Where many slot machines one woo,
Sun Coast Casino it was at —
A place for losing money, that!
But I went out and saw the view;
No slots or tables tried to do;
 I drank the drink and ate the food,
But failed to get in gambling mood,
For gambling is all full of scams,
And gambolling is for the lambs. 

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A Really Awful Word(le) on a Bird Turd

Note the handy electricity wires ideally placed as a bombing platform for large birds.

Note those handy electricity wires, ideally placed as a bombing platform for large birds. Why they always target the car with all that choice of perch is a mystery. 

Mess window in driveway, then add more

To sit on screen; adhesion law

Forms film across the glass a way;

Inside car,  I take from tray,

A pot of cleaner; washers spray

And handle it; now my intent?

Dislike for squirty birds to vent.

(As usual, my aim has been to use all the given words in given order, and create a rhyme with as few added words as possible.)

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Disgusting Barbarism

All practices which involve maiming or causing willful suffering to people or animals should be banned. No excuses regarding ‘cultural customs’ (what irony!) should be permitted to have any sway. This is an area where the will of an enlightened minority should, in need, prevail over that of any majority whose views are rooted in cruelty and ignorance.

I have in many posts identified ritual sacrifice, ritual slaughter, trophy hunting, and foxhunting as being some of the practices which have no part in the modern world. Dog fighting should be added to this list.  Ritual or customary mutilation (e.g. cutting of genitalia or foot-binding) should also be banned outright.

Also, bullfighting.


Six years ago, Catalonia was enlightened enough to ban the ‘sport’ in that province of Spain. For those who have only a vague idea of what it entails, bullfighting boils down to tormenting and torturing a bull until it is ultimately killed. Why the bravery and skill of the in-humans taking part is celebrated is a mystery. The dice are always heavily loaded against the poor bull, which is condemned to death even if (particularly if!) lucky enough to kill any of its tormentors.

Now, the Spanish Government has seen fit to declare bullfighting as ‘Cultural Heritage’. It is therefore legal, and the powers of local or provincial governments to decide otherwise have effectively been removed.

I would urge those who have not yet done so to express their disgust at this ruling by going to the following link and adding their names to a very simple petition: ..’Please, stop considering bullfighting as “Patrimonio Cultural” (Cultural Heritage)’.   

I would like to add, ‘ … or we will resume wrecking your ships at sea to continue a British Cultural Heritage established by Sir Francis Drake,’ but perhaps that wouldn’t be tactful.

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Time of Year to Fly a Kite


The Yellow-billed kite Milvus aegyptius parasitus takes a holiday up in north Africa between breeding sessions, and returns from about August onwards to get back to business. At first, groups of them are common, but as summer gets into gear one sees singles and doubles jealously guarding their territories. It’s Not This Time of Year Without…them signalling the accelerating approach of summer and holidays and the Festive Season and all.  The first to see their return says gleefully, ‘The YBKs are back!’  Later comes the announcement, ‘The YBKs are pairing off!’

By the same token the statement, ‘The YBKs have left,’ is given in a doleful voice.

Now, as promised in an earlier post, some more pictures from the tiny private garden down the road from us from which I took the shot of the kite.

garden-7    garden-2



garden-4    garden-3

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Untruths and True Steps

Wordle 275: my personal challenge is to use the words in the order given, adding the fewest possible to make sense, rhyme, and scan.


False Doctrine to the Indoctrinated

Lies, flat lies, will work devout to seize:
These don’t drop them with a call for keys;
So, let pattern feed the ends with ease;
Means tease? Righteous hold easy to please.

Another visit was paid to the private beach path to check on the latest steps being added to the bottom. Granddaughter Jeneva was distressed that the long swing is no more — I hope nobody got hurt when the rope broke high up on the branch. 


The sea was in, if not gloomy, a contemplative mood. Shells were hard to find, but we did get some rock shells and a couple of cowries.


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