Sporting Flora and Fauna

Cricket bat or bat a bat or bat a cricket?

The Proteas when picked all wilt —
Of sterner stuff they should be built:
To bat effectively for hours
You cannot be a bunch of flowers,
And for your bowling to take wing

A leap forward needed.

Your step must have the proper spring,
So, thus, it seems that we should learn
Back into Springboks how to turn.

© June 2019 Colonialist
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Rather a Rave Review for Goddess of the Devil

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Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

The South African print version of the book is now available directly from myself to reduce costs.

I’ll let this up-to-date review, from highly respected USA screenplay consultant, journalist, critic and writer Nick Clement, speak for itself:

Book review:

Mart Sander’s Evocative Novel The Goddess of the Devil Takes Readers On A Thrilling Journey

Nick Clement

Mart Sander’s hugely detailed and incredibly conceived historical novel, The Goddess of the Devil, which expertly blends startling fact with clever fiction, is one of those compulsively readable works that demands your attention and respect. Spanning nearly 40 years of world history, during a most turbulent period of social and governmental unrest, this epic yet intimate narrative is set against the German- European backdrop of World War II, and peels back the curtain on one particular story, which sets off a chain of dramatic events that can never be stopped. Sander’s robust writing style…

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Struggle Propaganda for Gaggles

How messy, taking courage as mantra that talk

May lean on a magic way to exist;

Stories feed the soul with struggle myths and don’t balk,

For the vulnerable on which to subsist.

Honk, honk, honk!

© June 2019 Colonialist
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Well-suited to a Trophy

Frilly ribbons, nearly obscured.

Well, the netball all went well,
And Jeneva buzzed around;
But I do now need to tell
What at Swim School then she found.

Her eight-hundred metre badge
To her duly handed out,
But she didn’t get to cadge
‘One-five’ mention she could flout.

So, it wasn’t swum in time,
But she swam it nonetheless,
And it wouldn’t be a crime
To have said so, I would guess?

Anyway, proceedings went
On right up to merry end,
With no further callout sent
That she’d need to apprehend.

Then, last trophy of the day
Was ‘best overall’ you see;
She’d worn costume, so no way
Could a winner there she’d be.

But, though no overall
In the pool she’d ever worn,
As such swimmer came the call
She the best one was this morn!

© June 2019 Colonialist

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From Bed to Hearse?

You going out after a morning in bed? Well, good luck! I’m going to spend the afternoon in bed as well.

My cold is unabated though
To sleep it off I’ve tried,
Through this whole morning didn’t go
For any time outside;

The cats thought this was marvellous
And cuddled up with me
Though one might think, inside the house
They wouldn’t want to be.

Outside it looked superb indeed:
A lovely cloudless sky;
But what in that one failed to read —
Till sampled bye and bye —

Was chills straight from Antarctic wastes
To make one want to cry
Till in hot bath one’s body bastes,
Then hastily rubs dry.

Although I braved conditions
To go pruning for a while
Up-ladder-type positions
Would hardly raise a smile,

And I was glad to be right back
Inside, out of that chill,
Of any warmth outside, the lack,
Could really make one ill.

But I was that, already,
And so I said, ‘So what!’
But my thinking was unsteady —
Old-Moania I’ve now got!

No, not really, but much longer
And it might quite well have been
For chill breeze was growing stronger,
And my cough was quite obscene.

Now at crack of dawn we’re rising;
Netball matches on the slate;
After that is Swim School prizing —
Early bed, we have a date!

© June 2019 Colonialist
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Registering Attendance

You have a point there . . . now, focus, all of you!

One discussion by the Hort. Soc. Board,
Joined by Oscar; not untoward;
All decisions made will need
His opinion one should heed.

‘Fly down and peck at the door.’
‘No, you fly down and peck at the door.’

Two hungry ibis standing on a wall,
To be fed have made a call,
Knock on door till food is sent,
Lead way to where placement meant.

‘OK, follow me to the dish.’

© June 2019 Colonialist
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Seaview Blockers

Our sea views now, reading from left to right; up the coast . . .

. . . straight out . . .

. . . and out to the right. I ask you, with tears dripping from my baby-blue eyes, how that monster has been allowed when there are supposed to be strict building restrictions? It seems to have stretched to about 4 storeys and covered most of the plot since I last reported. The immediate neighbours are furious, but their squeals fall upon deaf ears. Bribery? Corruption? Apathy? Who can say. I am going to need to prune the tops of those trees on the left rather heavily to restore some sort of splashy outlook.

© June 2019 Colonialist
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