Inspiration and Expiration, and Sea and Sky.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Inspiration.”

Hangliders and paragliders 029

I really do aspire
To be a flyer, higher –
These are some things you may see
Viewing from our property …

Hangliders and paragliders 027

Inspiration’s breathing in,
Expiration breathing out;
If more ‘in’ you fail to win,
You’ve expired, have no doubt!

Hangliders and paragliders 019

Inspiration will abate
Once you reach expiry date,
With an early death, your fate
Is to have become ‘the late’.

Hangliders and paragliders 020

Keep then, all that will inspire,
For the longest time you may:
These are things will lift you higher
At the ending of your day.

Hangliders and paragliders 024

Watching these is true inspiration for the adventurous, and for the imagination.

Hangliders and paragliders 028
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Ritual Slaughter and Racism

Today an article appears in The Telegraph which equates campaigning against ritual slaughter with being racist.  The writer should come to South Africa and join the pathetic group who claim that every ill is a ‘Legacy of Apartheid’ even when the evidence shows that it is a legacy of their own stupid actions.  The logic amounts to the same.

The stance being adopted is clear from  the outset, when those opposing the practices of ritual slaughter are termed ‘bunny-huggers’.  Not an unbiased start.

Telegraph Article 2

If you follow the link, you will see that the same writer argued, when John Blackwell on behalf of British Veterinarians called for a ban on ritual slaughter, that this would equate to valuing its cows more than its Jews.

In response to that, I would say rightly so, if those particular Jews persisted in a practice which is repugnant.  They are devaluing themselves.  It is not a racist thing at all.  One supports such a ban from the same standpoint as opposing bullfighting, trophy hunting, foxhunting, dogfighting, and all similar practices which some sick human beings regard as sport or entertainment.

Ritual slaughter or sacrifice customs are found in the writings and practices of cults and religions throughout the world. They are rooted in the belief that killing something in a certain ritual way is going to invoke power or please the creator, some deity, or some supernatural being.

If one applies the slightest logic to such a premise, the only conclusion to be reached is that it is the product of the primitive and sick minds of people who have come to revere or pander to something utterly revolting and despicable.

Yes, any creator which would require that lives be taken by making a game or spectacle or ceremony of it, thus brutalizing the young and society as a whole, would be behaving in a way utterly contrary to what one would reasonably expect from a higher being. Such ‘It’ (which does not qualify for the term ‘god’) would be worthy only of disgust. So, also, become the people blindly following such customs. Islam and followers of the Old Testament god blindly maintain that it is required and justified in scripture, which is infallible. As can readily be proved beyond any doubt, scriptures are flawed throughout. Far more convincing fantasies appear on the fiction shelves than some of the self-contradictory fables regarded as true in bygone eras. Thus, there can be no justification for adhering to those parts of these writings which are clear absurdities, such as the story that Abraham found divine favour for being willing to kill his own son to honour this petty tyrant of a god.

Creationists need to reconcile the anomaly of some ‘Thing’, having made something, then taking amusement out of some other things It has created destroying this particular one of Its creations. Those who believe that some power is looking down approvingly, saying, ‘Ooh, thanks for killing something to show you know I’m here. I’m going to reward you for being so brutally thoughtful,’ are superstitious idiots. So are those who believe that the death will release power which somehow accrues to them.

The sensible course of action for all authorities worldwide is to outlaw these barbarities, completely and without exception. It is high time that sanity should forcibly overrule ’religion’, ‘culture’, ‘custom’, and ‘tradition’ where these impose undue suffering or risk, or degrade any sector of the community.

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No internet in a tick – so quick pic and limerick!

Once a dreadfully flatulent horse
Was, for pulling a carriage, in force:
Fares emerged from the haze
In a bit of a daze …
The driver was Gaston, of course.

Step over this log ...

Just step over the log …

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The Anti-Blogging Conspiracy

This weekend the fates have conspired to ensure that Colonialist did no blogging.  Starting with the electricity going off at 6 p.m on Friday, there have been regular cuts throughout the weekend.  Then there have been urgent calls on my time for some business-related stuff.  To add insult to injury, though, on Saturday:

Load-shedding came at six o’clock

So blogging I then had to dock,

When at eight lights came back on

There was something else had gone –

The internet now had a block!

In fact, phones and internet were out until late this evening – and then there was another power-out.  Ironical, really, because the weather has been cold and (mercifully) wet – ideal for catching up on reading posts and things.

At least these guys pictured at Illovo must be happy:

Polaroid 160615 009 Illovo River and ducks

(While doing limericks: My response to the Mad Kane Limerick-off Monday – jejune)

A girl once remarked, ‘That’s jejune!’

               On hearing a popular tune;

               When asked angrily why,

               Reply: ‘F-for such sky,            

M-must have been; May is too soon!’

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A Dogmatic Africanis and Despicable Vermin.

© Colonialist In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Close Up.”

Annie Africanis

My macro equipment doesn’t really do justice to anything much closer up than this.  However, this gives a good study of Annie, an Africanis of complex character.  She was bought by the roadside after obviously suffering a lot of abuse (note trace of scar still visible on her head) so paradoxically enough she has an ingrained hatred for the certain sector of our South African population from which this aristocratic breed of dog has stemmed.  This has stood us in good stead over the years – she has developed a reputation which has kept many undesirables from darkening our doorstep.

With children and cats she is a joy, though. Look at the gentleness in those eyes, belying the razor-sharp effectiveness of fangs and claws.  (Despite herself, she got me to bleed a lot when she was a puppy.)

I must admit to sharing her opinion of those sectors of our population who reveal themselves to be disgusting vermin beneath contempt.  I don’t care what background or deprivation they may have suffered: what justifies the callous and repeated theft from, or manhandling of, a harmless elderly lady?

A friend who is prominent in floral circles lives alone on the Berea with her dogs.  Dogs and security notwithstanding, she has had break-ins three times over the past couple of weeks.  The three thugs involved first stole obvious things, then returned a few days later for more and this time beat her up, so that she had to go for councelling.  On Thursday they came back and cleaned her out – even her beloved sewing machine.  She hasn’t been able to remove her wedding ring for years; they managed it with force and a lot of bleeding.  Now she has to have antiretrovirals on top of everything,  and has finally come to the realisation that she no longer dares to live in her beloved home.

I do wish Annie and I could meet up with them …

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Bathroom grand designs – less is more

Thought I’d show you the new bathroom in more detail.  First, a view of the original.  Next to it (and never photographed, for whatever reason) was a long room with a toilet right at the far end of it – a real throne-room, allowing for lots of bowing on the way. 

This bathroom didn’t look too bad, did it (if the shade is to one’s taste)?  However, closer inspection revealed a lot of blemishes.  Cracked and stained tiles, windows full of rot, dreadful plumbing, and so on …

Old bathroom

Now the wall has come out, and the bath, basin and toilet have been persuaded to share their space with a shower.  The effect, if I say so myself, is stunning.  My objections to the new configuration, based on, ‘What happens if somebody has to go when somebody else is having a bath?’ were responded to with, ‘Unlikely; and they can use the new one off the main bedroom, anyway’.  Fair enough.




Note the nifty soak-and-sulk-seat in the shower!



A bit difficult to make out, here, is the fact that there is a recessed medicine chest with mirrors in front and inside.  The left-hand door is open.  Those things usually jut out, and I think it was worth removing a section of wall to give this treatment. The other side (in the second bedroom) has been filled in to look like any other part of the wall.

I think it all works pretty well – now to get other bits of the house to fall completely into place.  Unfortunately it is now a choice between waiting for our star of a builder to finish another ultra-urgent job, or get in another, probably ‘iffy’, one.  I think we’ll wait.  Our first experiences of those whose only real talents lay in the gift of the gab and/or robbing one blind have been enough for a lifetime.

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Really Awfully No Reg-wet at Wet!

A progress pic showing the new bathroom nearly completed.  A conversion from bath, basin, separate toilet to bath, basin, toilet and shower.

A progress pic showing the new bathroom nearly completed. A conversion from bath, basin, and separate toilet to bath, basin, toilet and shower.  All new tiles wall and floor, window, cupboards, door and ceiling.

We have a soggy scene.

Which fills us with great glee,

For really dry it’s been –

Yes, even near the sea!

But it is teeming down

In buckets and in drums,

And nobody will frown

If lots and lots more comes;

There’s only one thing, though,

Such early rain could bring –

Despite the inland snow

Must be an early spring!


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