A Postal Exorcise to Stamp Out Demons

Invisible creature close by; corners skip behind —

Belong in Hell to roam —

Strip from hiding and laugh as you find;

Put in cardboard, paint black, post home!

Boxing for Exorcise


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Twisty Paths and Greenery

For The Weekly Photo Challenge of Twisted I am revisiting the garden I got the slide from, where one can really do a visual Chubby Checker.  The most impressive twist is that most of the garden doesn’t look like a garden but just meanders into nature.

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Wordle Heads for the Bar

For the latest Wordle (352) I got too big for my boots and decided to break away entirely from the obvious pointers to a pub scene. However, my alternative of the Bar at the entrance to the Knysna Heads estuary wasn’t very successful, so I returned to the pub. That got a bit blurred after a few drinks, too. Maybe I should have included a cheetah picture! 


A tall ship off Knysna Heads

The Bar at the Heads we would check,
And wait while loud breakers were
Laugh when passengers staggered on deck
As if drunkness from toasting the queen’d been created;
Above, eagles watch their family on their crag —
They win our hearts and are placed on our flag.


At bar, check we wait for;

Loud animated laugh from a drunk starts;

Queen – eagleseyes see fall from sleeve to floor;

Part of card family to win with flush of hearts.


© May 2018 Colonialist
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Camelot in Durban: dazzling.

The KickstArt production of Camelot will be running from 18th May to 3rd June, which doesn’t give much time to enjoy it. How do I know you will enjoy it? Because, as I said on their Fb page before swiping their promotion below, ‘Utterly magnificent. What a superb production of this classic show. Acting, singing, sets, costumes, lighting, sound, and direction are all of the highest levels.’

‘Don’t let it be forgot

In Durban there’s a spot,

For one brief, shining season

That will feature Camelot’!*

*(Apologies to Alan J Lerner)

We took the 7-and-10 year old grandkids, and although they sat through it behaving themselves I think it was not as enjoyable for them as the pantomimes and similar they have grown to love. It does have delightful music and quite amazing spectacle (for a small theatre production) but it is more an adult story with a great deal of food for thought on the levels of forced marriages as opposed to true romance, and also how fleeting what we create will be — and yet may still have enduring qualities beyond all expectations.

The show this evening enjoyed a rapturous standing ovation.

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TWADDLE in Really Awful Rhyme



I used the 98-word Twaddle challenge to start writing anything, stop when I thought I’d got to about 98, and then do a little fine-tuning, pruning and swooning:-




So twaddle we send our writing efforts today?
I would twobble you to unequivocally say
We should twiddle with the words in frivolic-type play,
And should messed around with tenses,
And should lost for bad our senses,
Till with elderly-ing we will straight a steal-he gray.

Did you guessticate that ‘straight’ above was really a bad turn?
Or, with much prevarication, did you ultimately learn
That the twingly things one shorts for, one never will discern
Till they friggle with a wombat,
That’s in loving with a tomcat,
Who is trying all the universal secret stuff to learn?

© May 2018 Colonialist
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My Troeteldier Amber met verbeteringe en musiek.

(Sien Mei 11 vir oorspronklike).

Ek het ‘n paar verbeteringe gemaak asook om ‘n stuk van my ‘Trio No 2 for Alto Recorder, Piano and Violin’ by te sit.

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A slide show in the rain.

I have to decide whether to make a slide show out of my show of slides, or let it slide?

My jungle gym is certainly growing in numbers of options to descend from it at speed. The latest was obtained on an expedition to the Wild West (or the Wilds of Westville) where I had to effect an unlawful entry to get it.

You see, on my recent visit to a garden yet to be featured, on a stream edging on a nature reserve and with towering cliffs above, I noticed a dumped slide and ladder, and wondered why they were no longer set up for use. The owner said the kids had grown up, and he had been trying to get rid of them (slide and ladder, not kids) but nobody had come to collect. Did I want them?

I did, indeed, and managed to arrange with a friend with a delivery vehicle to help me fetch them. By the time I put the transport together the slide owner was holidaying in the Kruger National Park, but he said I should phone him when I got to his gate and he would open it from there using his phone.

The trip went well — but then there was no reply from his mobile! All that I could see of the vast property seemed devoid of human life.  I left several messages on the phone, but the gate continued to eye me in complacent non-opening mode.

Eventually I found a place where the high fence around the property had a small hole. By dint of lots of wiggling I got through and went to seek the caretaker-cum-guard. After much searching and yelling, I traced him, doing tasks unknown, deep in the forest.  I managed to convince him that I had been authorised to slide off with the slide, he opened the gate and loaded, and I slid off.

The best place to add it on was, unfortunately, where grows a prehistoric human-stabbing plant called a cycad. I have pruned it away sufficiently and only bled a little bit in the process. Lopping will have to be at regular intervals to avoid having wounded children around. There are enough opportunities for that to occur in other parts of the jungle gym, so augmenting them is not a good idea.

Finally, on Monday, we got the good rains we have been hoping for and the pool is up to optimum levels again. The process was happening while I was trying to install and take photos of the new slide, so it is only to be expected that the scene looks a bit washed out.

The slide show of slides:

The slide show in time-saving Gallery mode:
(Actually, I don’t know why I bothered with the YouTube?)

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