Of Goose-stepping and Heron Volk

Geese at swimming training

Here we have yesterday’s picture of the pool geese at young R’s school having just dived in for a little duck before the School Swimming Squad get in their way with their own ducking and diving training.  At this rate, I will be able to run a feature of ‘Goose Photo of the Day’.

Seven layers of permaculture
Anyway, today a few of we Durban and Coast Horticultural Society members attended the first meeting of a group which will engage in developing the Permaculture project of Durban Botanic Gardens – the oldest existing Botanical Garden in Africa, by the way. More on that subject will follow in the future …

I had to leave early to attend a luncheon, but Much Better Half and her sister stayed on for the first inspection of the site.  They were on their way back through the gardens when they saw a poor heron flapping furiously, attached to some wood by an irresponsible fisherman’s line.  * They yelled for assistance, and a couple of ornithologists came running and managed to immobilise the bird – but they couldn’t free the line.  Sister-in-Law frantically asked a passing groundsman to find a knife – but his disinterested response was that he had his own work to do. 

I would love to find him and deliver a little lecture on how to set priorities. Together with a few hefty kicks – just to keep his attention, of course.

Anyway, S-in-L suddenly remembered that she had a small penknife in her bag – a legacy from a previous Christmas – and the scissors on that did the trick.  The heron flew away, and one can only hope that no permanent damage was caused by the nylon cruelly cutting into his legs, and that no infection will set in.

Why are there so many detestably irresponsible humans? They really aren’t entitled to any share of space, food, air or water.

*ADDENDUM:  The mate was trying to stand on this large stick to enable the other bird to break free – that shows real intelligence!  Then it flew onto an island in the pond and watched throughout.

Talking of water, despite serious drought conditions a water main near us gave way today for the second time within a few weeks, probably as a result of inept repairs the first time, causing massive wastage and meaning that our drinking water for afternoon use has had to be collected in buckets from a tanker driving round the suburb with a loud-hailer.   Water for toilets etc we have borrowed from the pool.

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The Really Awful Point of Goose for Breakfast

Point Yact Club along front aspect

We breakfasted on Sunday
Within the PYC*
It’s clear it was a fun day
For anyone to see.

PYC kids and anchor

Here, someone dropped an anchor
Of quite ginormous kind –
For shore they had a hanker –
But grandkids didn’t mind!

Egyptian Geese and young 2

Then came the geese I tend to find
Just everywhere I go
The reason that they’re thus inclined
Can, from this offspring, show!

For certainly, it must be said,
This species gets around –
For some to USA have spread;
Some are in England found.

In fact, their spread to foreign lands
Has been performed too well,
And to the pest list they are banned –
A sad duck-tale to tell.

*Point Yacht Club, Durban
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A Quartet of Trios with Coda

In response to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge Trio:

The Three Banded Mongooseteers

The Three Banded Mongooseteers

This trio is banded together,
By musical ties you can sever …
(Though squeakers they be,
Which is, I suppose, very clever.)


My trio tools - yes, of course I play them all at once!

My trio tools – yes, of course I play them all at once!

And talking of trios, I wrote some of those,*
And these are the instruments three that I chose,
A piano for order,
An Alto recorder,
And violin simply to get up your nose.

*This is the latest here.


A trio of Egyptian geese.

A trio of Egyptian geese.

Men who on this here cast a stare
Will all be observing a pair –
For on ground only two;
Third’s a gone-a-head view …
Keep abreast – geese, not tits, are birds there!



Tree trio – plus some static.

A tree-t-meant of trios in trees
Tree-mendously tree-sured are these:
The tree-limb-inaries
Show in-tree of fairies,
All tree-bly eager to please.

A trio is a lumberjack?
But understanding you may lack:
In Afrikaans, ‘ou’
Is some bloke that you know –
If a trio, he’s OK a stack!

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A Beginning Style Ended


From my ‘author’ blog.

Originally posted on Leslie Hyla Winton Noble:

220px-Andrew_Carnegie_at_Skibo_1914_-_Project_Gutenberg_eText_17976 Andrew Carnegie who funded libraries much frequented by me in my youth. (Image: Project Gutenberg)

Here follows the opening paragraph of a novel:

The day was hot. An August sun, with the sky to itself and its zenith passed, loitered lazily along its timeless tract towards the towering contours of the Cromdale Hills, already purple with heather, their feet in the hurrying waters of the River Carglas, new-born in the shrinking snows of Ben Macdhui.

From that sample, what genre would you say it belongs to?  What is the target audience? Would it stand any chance of success with a publisher?  Would you class that ‘The day was hot’ with the famous Snoopy ‘It was a dark and stormy night’?

In these times one is constantly told that the opening paragraph of a story is vital in grabbing the attention of the reader.  One is urged to produce something like:

View original 223 more words

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A Suicidal-Terrorist Antivirus

From Dante's Divine Comedy - Gutenberg.

Dante – Gutenberg

Recent events in Paris and elsewhere relating to misled fanatics highlight a dreadful situation, and some choices which I doubt if authorities will have the guts to take.  There is not much use in only pouring invective on the fanatics and acting against them alone – they sincerely believe that their disgusting atrocities are serving the interests of the highest power, and that they personally will have afterlife rewards after taking innocent lives and then reducing themselves to fragments.

No, the blame lies squarely with a religion open to such perverted interpretation (as has been Christianity as well) together with those who propagate the perversion. The infected will have to be dealt with like rabid dogs, unfortunately, but they are also victims. Massive education is needed to point out the evil absurdity of the beliefs they have adopted, and the mockery it makes of the deity they are supposed to honour.  The whole basis of such teachings is a blasphemy, depicting god as a petty and impotent tyrant who has hissy-fits at creations not following sets of confusingly contradictory rules he set up, and who then has to call upon other creations to regulate these creations.

Cameron has at last made some utterances regarding removal of sources of ‘education’ in fundamentalism, but not carried far enough. It should not only embrace Islam, but any ideology which is based on violent enforcement. Freedom of speech is not any more of a religion than the ones being misused, and has limitations.

Propagation of these teachings must be made to stop. Period. Anyone who pours out such verbal or written poison within civilized countries should be removed from society without argument.  Not deported, but their infection isolated.  Those spewing their venom from other countries are in serious need of being done away with, and with the same compunction one feels with giving a dose of antivirus.

Of course, this is a contradiction – which the goody-goodies won’t be able to accept.  ‘Reducing to their level,’ will be the bleat.  Here, reason must come into play.  The acts of these misguided fanatics are inspired by motivation any logical thought reduces to sheer absurdity.  Acts of removing them would simply be good sanitation practice.

Paris mourns at senseless slaughters –
Twisted ideology –
Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters
Killed by evil idiocy.

‘God’ who sanctions such perversion
Is the product of sick minds,
Thus distorted by dispersion
Of lies and myths of vicious kinds.

Heaven where free fornication
Comes from deeds so dastardly
Simply an abomination
To all thinking men must be.

Treat as a malignant virus
Those who spread such infamy
Dealing death they would inspire us?
Let them subject of death be.

‘Holy’ men ‘unholy’ teaching,
These should all be rooted out,
To prevent their lies from reaching
Unformed minds still filled with doubt.

Note how many who are saying
It is right to kill and die
Suicidal roles are playing – ?
No, they preach and then stand by.

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A Mystery View

Winsome View Closing

At Winsome View Animal Farm
The kids lots could choose to do,
Though setting is lovely and calm
Mist means it is ‘Lose-some View’!

Mist Winsome View

Their horse-ride was taken in rain,
Photography was no go;
Thought we’d never warm up again –
There might as well have been snow!

The farm is placed at Summerveld,
So some heat one might expect,
But when with streaming rain we’re dealt
It’s a serious defect!

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A Splash of Growing Towards Victory

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”

Although the grandkids, in past week,
At galas, they did go for it,
I fear my shots were rather bleak,
So I have naught to show for it;

R Winning Backstroke

R (7) winning backstroke – even though legs have stopped working while she reaches for the edge.

J after winning freestyle

J (4), in pink, won the freestyle too quickly for my shot to be in time.

Much better are the ones I took
Of winning gardens, recently;
Indeed, now that I take a look,
They came out pretty decently.

Winning garden1

Winning garden 2Winning garden 4 Winning garden 7 Winning garden 8

You may note here, with some surprise
The garden size seems to have  grown
Joint first explains the change in size –
For neither won the prize* alone!

 Winning garden 12BWinning garden 10B Winning Garden 6BWinning Garden 11B

*Durban and Coast Horticultural Society ‘Garden of the Year Competition’.
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