A Cupboard Not for Cups

Today was spent in overseeing the installation of our new cupboard, then out on the town in the unrelentingly pouring rain to get a blood test and then to buy some items I failed to find. Even Enid Blyton’s ‘The Island of Adventure’. which I have promised to read to the kids as the first one, was registered as in the library but couldn’t be traced.

Anyway, I was finally directed to a Chinese shop that had a solar/battery/rechargeable lantern and I grabbed it. When I tried the loose battery option, however, it wouldn’t operate. Back tomorrow *sigh*. I don’t know what this underlining is all about, but at this stage of the day, frankly my dear I don’t give a damn as in ‘Gone with the Wind’. It won’t go away.

Then the last ever lesson for the kids at their present swim school. They have outgrown it. I was full of praise for them and they said they’d miss my twice-weekly visits.


IMG_20191211_180330 (1)


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Wordle 433 — Writing Advice

The Sunday Whirl

Story filling well, so don’t choke;

Jump in, try to open with a joke;

Then sin and fire, giving grounds to fly,

With line for sexual hunger by and by.

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Good News

If you’re wanting to be happy, read the news,
No matter just what part of it you choose,
And whether from the bottom or the top —
It is so very pleasant when you stop!

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An Empty Stage and Taking a Dim View

In the latest performance of the Electricity Supply Commission, the actors have left the stage and the spotlights are off. The announcement came that due to circumstances never their fault they have had to implement Stage 6 of Loadshedding. We had never even heard of it, and didn’t know it could go that low. After investigation we discovered that this means a couple of hours (up to 4) of restful darkness two or three times a day.

We spent the morning in clearing a glory hole in one corner of the lounge, used as a play/work area by the kids. Cupboards and desks are to be installed there tomorrow to tidy it up a bit, so leaving it littered with junk was not an option.

Supper was rushed, and we only just made the evening deadline for our area. The afternoon blackout was spent at Geneva’s swimming lesson and in rain. Earlier, we had gone on a shopping expedition to a local supermarket with its own generators. Guess what, on my shopping list was a powerful 4XSize D lantern. I would have preferred a rechargeable, but all such animals have been hunted out to extinction.

Now I am battling to get back a draft of this post previously loaded, with photos. I think I will give up and rest my case.

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Driven to Drink and In The Drink

The three immersed in this occupation.

I have spent literally hours in trying, with increasing frustration and fury, to add this picture to the previous post. The minute I try and import it, the post reverts to the brief one for the previous day, and it takes double back-flips to get back the later draft. Having done so, the same thing recurs. I find myself with only the first brief paragraph of the previous post. Finally, I gave up and did it as a new post. That didn’t help; it still dropped the extra bits.

Hopefully, this will now stick or I am likely to find a high place to try flying from.

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Switched Off Now Switched On Again.


Just when I wake up to start blogging after a hectic morning at the Flea Market, the current is due to go off in three minutes. Bye. for now!


If he renders a great service, will the Fleadom of the Titty be conferred on him?






Right; the following morning and  current is currently current, so I can go on raisin the previous issues.

Flea Market: I walked every aisle of it and Much Better Half ended up exhausted. Loot included some roasted nuts in shells for the kids, a pen/laser/torch, some cotton socks for me to bless, and three classical CDs in good condition.

The afternoon was spent mainly in garden pottering and repairing some solar wall lights. Then, when the blackout arrived, I slept through it.

On Friday I took the kids to the Olympic Pool, including a friend, and allowed them to indulge themselves with doggy paddle. Jeneva did kick of with a few widths of strokes and tumble turns, but then luxuriated in just messing about. Rhiannon made no attempt to do a proper stroke. She didn’t have to, so didn’t. The weather and water was far too cold for me, but the kids spent a couple of hours in the water. I swear they are half-penguins.

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Here Currently; Hair Today; Gone Tomorrow

These lines are em-per-tee!

We are back to the famous Load Shedding. The power utility is once again unable to cope, is running out of fuel and capacity, and has equipment breaking down faster than they can repair it. So they go back to their tried and trusted solution: if you have trouble in supplying electricity then simply stop doing it.
At the moment we are on a daily session of two hours of blackout. I fear they are gearing up to extend this. Crass mismanagement, graft, incompetence — you name it.

Hirsute suits him!

On a lighter side, I am becoming light-headed already. Wads of hair are separating themselves from my scalp. That, after only one treatment! No doubt at all, I will soon be giving a good billiard-ball imitation.
I’m cool about that, particularly as within a year or so it should return to former glory, but what I am extremely miffed about is the impending loss of my characteristic moustache. I’ve had it since early twenties and have become very attached to it. The thought of becoming detached horrifies me. I never dreamed there would be a fall-out between us.

I have had a pretty active day, but more of that later.

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