The Blue Between Gets a Turn.
















Another day, another book launch. The librarian had influenced a move to Saturday morning, assuring me that it was always buzzing on that day and that swarms would fly in and settle.  Alas, this was not to bee.  The swarms stayed in their hives, and the few that flew in were, yet again, not in a buying mood. I suspect we are at the wrong end of town.

Added to which, I found that the volume of sound in the video introducing author Annemarie Luck may have seemed fine at home, but no amount of jacking up of the speakers could make it properly audible in the actual venue.

So, I will have to repeat the exercise, but properly advertised now that constantly changing dates are not likely to sabotage my efforts in that direction. This is a lovely read, and needs to be appreciated as such.

If at first they don’t suck seed, keep introducing better canaries until they do . . .

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Out to Launch With Lunch

The latest of my launch dates was by invitation to an affair this morning hosted by District Six of the Durban Library network as part of their initiatives following Durban’s selection as the only UNESCO City of Literature in Africa. It involved an introduction by a Ward Councillor, gifts dished out to the six featured authors (mine a bamboo notebook and pen and a coffee flask/mug), and lunch afterwards.  We took turns in introducing and talking about our books.

The only shortcoming in the event was that no author actually got to sell any copies! Oh well. Publicity is always useful.

Also launched was a book club on the initiative of a teacher in the juvenile section of a local prison.  She said she has had a wonderful response. I respect her for her stated approach that she treats all her pupils (I am allergic to that silly ‘learners’ descriptor) in class as schoolchildren rather than as criminals. They respond as such.

When the writers took their places behind the table I was on the right where my book may be seen.


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Actual activity deactivates virtual activity.

The more one does that one might blog about,
The more ones blogging time is put in doubt;
I have been kept completely on the hop,
And thus my blog came screeching to a stop!

Let me at least give headlines:


The Egyptian Ducks (demoted recently from Geese) are back at the school pool, and actively involved themselves in Swimming Squad training today. It is good to see them again after the break of a couple of years they have taken.

Note: they took possession of the lane previously occupied by J!


Galas have been swum in with results ranging from fantastic to disappointing.

During the latest young J did not seem to be giving of her best, and then took another turn that landed her back in hospital. The specialist is still confident that the answer is not to give up such activity, but to find the right meds to control the seizures.

R was also off-form, and due to us dashing off to hospital missed the event she is best at.

Today, though, J was going well while R studied for exams. Here, in Lane 8, she was pipped into second.

There was little doubt about the outcome of this little sprint!


Books have been launched, but due to bad timing, and an unsuitable section of the venue, now need to be winched up the slipway and relaunched. Another launch is scheduled for tomorrow, and I am hoping this one will pave the way for further progress. Launches will now be moving to Saturdays, and that should help.


‘Split Decision’ by Carmen Capuano was the featured book here. Sales did happen, but the attendance was poor.


After this launch the librarian came to the door with me and suggested I park my car nearer in future, as cars have been stolen from that location across the road.

I could hardly believe my eyes. Brazenly fiddling in the back of this car after opening both locked doors!

As she said it, I saw with fury that the drivers side doors of my car were open and a man was rummaging in the back. I charged across the road with intent to do murder, particularly as two people in our immediate circle have had cars stolen recently. ‘What do you think you’re doing?’ I stormed, about to launch into a physical attack. Not the most brilliant remark, I admit; a car thief would naturally think that he was doing a car theft.

 Fortunately, the suspect was quick-witted and pointed me up the road a bit. Then I got the full picture.

The librarian, Much Better Half, and bystanders were in fits of laughter, as was I when I saw my error. The suspect, however, had a sense-of-humour-failure in spite of my apology.


A case of identical twins!

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Wordle as an Equestrian Mishap








Horse sleepy: cinch to sign up fine;

Junk that child rider cannot bud?

Chimes true . . . but strikes trunk of trees in line,

Girth parts; on snow shows blood!

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Pictures: Garden of the Year Competition run by Durban and Coast Horticultural Society.

A perk of being on the judging teams for the captioned competition is to see so many stunning gardens. There was stiff competition for the honours and winners in the various individual categories were of a high standard. I’ll show some of those pictures at a later time.

For now, though, a few pictures from the breathtaking Kloof garden of the winner of Garden of the Year 2018, Danna Flack.

The competition was judged at the end of October, and the prizegiving was held last weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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AGENDA for trilingual six-word short story.

Image result for evil cat pictures  

De agenda van katten: wereld verovering.

Agenda van katte is wêreld verowering

Cats’ agenda: to conquer the world.

(Doldriest zeswoordverhaal uitdaging — a challenge to use a key word to write a six-word short story, found on her Dutch blog but often repeated on her English one. I have anticipated that, and also added an Afrikaans version for good measure.)

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Emu at Rain Farm near Durban (Yes, I know, there it should be an ostrich. But it isn’t. So there!)

An emu’s sing thing —  🙂
Do emus sing?
No, for a lark
They grunt and bark!*
And that would bring
Lark to take wing!
Where take it to?
Maybe a zoo,
For zoo can do
With new wing or two,
But if, to you,
This does not wing true,
Emus might moo;
E mu-cow in view!

The weather here is absolutely gratuitous-zip . . . I mean . . . utterly free-zing!   I wished I could be swimming with J when I was a spectator at Squad practice today — the pool is heated!  Anyway, watching her act like a little speedboat warmed the cockles of my heart.

*They do, really. I’ve heard them!
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