Nikolay Gay, Harbingers of the Resurrection, Moscowwordle-283

Wordle 283: Transcendence

Soul before birth; after death; makes the heart light

Heavy when without a spirit-touch one must cope;

The stay on earth is brief, and faith is burning bright

Souls reach to give up burden in a land of hope.

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Really Awful Trumpetty Sounds

This Bridge Should Have Been No Trump Contract

The USA must be a dump
To get a specimen like Trump
In presidential upward-bump —
Is everybody there a chump?

A mannerless habitual grump,
Quite oversize in tum and rump;
You’d think that both he and his frump
From voters would have got the hump.

Like dirty oil, someone should pump
Him all the way out of the sump;
Get him and all his friends to jump
Right overboard in one big lump!


One Promise Fulfilled Already.


Mister Amiability

Tonight, Americans
are going to their beds
All lulled with promises
as empty as their heads;
Though Donald John Drumpf
Has just scored at any rate —
For now in tri-umph,
He’s made America grate!
The next Drumkopf stunt
is what everyone now dreads.

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Swanning Around

On seeing the title of the Weekly Photo Challenge of Graceful two photos sprang to mind from our December UK visit, and I had selected both before noticing that the one by Ben Huberman also features swans.  Well, too bad, or two good. They are the epitome of graceful.

The mist added to the charm of the scene and gave it a sense of unreality.

The mist added to the charm of the scene and gave it a sense of unreality.


Palace House, Beaulieu, can be glimpsed dimly through the mist in the trees to the right.

Palace House, Beaulieu, can be glimpsed dimly through the mist in the trees to the right.

By way of contrast, we have granddaughter J being statuesque.

By way of contrast, we have granddaughter J being statuesque outside Romsey Abbey.

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Merely categorical …


I received some lovely presents from the family overseas this year. One of them was this delightful new meerkat companion for the one on the left I was given on our previous visit.

More about my Christmas loot to follow …

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Schooldaze …

Eight-year-old granddaughter R, entering Grade 3 (which my generation knew as Standard 1) is already involved in a hectic schedule.  Off her own bat she auditioned for Junior Choir, and yesterday received a letter of congratulation stating that she has been accepted.

She has also been invited into the Art Club. This is an example of what she produced on the first day back at school.


Those things will be on top of all she crams into an ordinary day like today.  After school she had a Swimming Squad session followed immediately by netball practice.  She had barely arrived home when I had to take her to one of her twice-weekly swimming lessons with a private teacher. There she was called upon to demonstrate a backstroke exercise to the rest of the class.

Then came homework.

After supper she had a brief music lesson from me. I am teaching both kids piano, recorder and theory. My rule for this year is that the lessons/practice have to be every day without fail, even if fairly short and simple. Last year one lapsed day ran into another, and then a week, and so on  

She seems to be coping very well with such pressure. The question is whether her mother and grandparents will be able to do the same.  I foresee a ferry active time

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Baseless Fears

I haven’t written any fiction for a while, and thought I’d better get back in practice so that I can do another novel. Here is a fairy story in the meantime; get a drink and a comfortable chair …


A portrait of Fairy Funnie upon arrival ahead of herself.


A Fairy Funnie Story Indeed

My new go-fast magic works too well, Fairy Funnie said to Sconnie Bunny.

How can it work too well? Sconnie asked.

I get home ahead of myself, Funnie said with a shudder.

Sconnie kicked an ear and looked puzzled. Whats so bad about that?

I have nothing to sit on! Funnie wailed.

Why not? Surely the chair is there?

Yes, but my bottom isnt!

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Resuscitated Wordle


Wordle 282 – another rather tricky one for pulling off my words-in-given-order-with-rhyme stunt.

Water become icy:

Shrill scream as you sense stitch strike …

To wake seems dicey;

Lungs singe in peak of pain like

Iron circle that tightly round chest one may draw;

But coughed-up blue ribbon means living once more.


Do you know that for CPR the old leaning on chest is still probably the best method?  Kneeling over with hands interlocked and stiff arms, then pushing hard to the rhythm of either Stayin’ Alive or Another One Bites the Dust, depending on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist. That’s 100 to 120 compressions a minute.

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