Life can (still) be a real beach!

One of the saddest things about losing our old home was the lack of access to an unspoilt beach through the fascinating dune forest.  I had forgotten that I am one of the custodians of a conservancy which has just such access, and today when I fetched young J from playschool we took a very slight detour, let ourselves in through the locked gate, and wandered down the 130 steps through the greenery.

Beach path 3

Then, over the dune:

Beach path 1

Beyond that – the beach!  An attractive one, with an area free of rocks, a sandbank (that will come and go), then some good rock pools, and situated in one of my favourite shell-collecting areas where cowries are often found.  YAHOO!

Beach Path 2

As may be seen from the white horses, the day was too windy for the beach to be pleasant, but soon … :) :) :) :) :)

On the way back, I dutifully filled a bag with whatever wind-blown litter I could find, while four-year-old J verified the number of steps.

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Really Awful Quote of the Day

To those to whom, concern, it may,

You don’t know who I am, I say,

And that’s the way

It’s gonna stay! 

–               Anonymous

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Really Awful Car-lamity, Exercising Temper-Rants*

The cause of the problem!

The cause of the problem!

Selling cars, the regulation
Calls for forms for registration;
Phoned: ‘We close at half-past-two;’
Went at two the deed to do.        

 Woe! The gates were firmly closed –
‘Cept when leaving was proposed –
Guards at gate waved all away,
‘You come back another day.’ 

I watched everyone comply;
Did I also?  No, not I!
My quick temper, when I choose,
I am quite prepared to lose! 

Parked my car, and stormed inside
Soon as gates were opened wide
For someone to be let out,
And ignored each outraged shout. 

Door of office also closed,
And admittance was opposed
Even to some sorry bloke
Who popped out to have a smoke.

Signs outside, in clearest sight
Said two-thirty time was right;
Kicked the door to have a grouse,
Man said, ‘Thees ees not your house!’ 

I assured him that it was,
And explained that was because
It was bought with cash from me –
As was paid his salary. 

Tried to push my way in; *sigh*
They were stronger than am I;
Stood outside the door and fumed …
Effort seemed completely doomed. 

Thought of taking mighty charge
Through that wretched door to barge,
On reflection, that did seem
Just a little bit extreme.* 

Then at last came to that door
Someone who knew more the score –
Begged for forms I need to find,
And she said she didn’t mind. 

Though still mad, I thus got through
What I had gone there to do;
Men at gate, about to shout,
Took one look – and let me out!**

*See?  Temperance!   :)
**I did glare at them a bit.
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Sea-through doors

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Door.”

Previous home sliding doors.JPG

Previous home sliding doors

Previous home view from doorway.

Previous home sea view from doorway.

New home folding doors (the whole front opens but for one break where the white bit is).

New home folding doors (the whole front opens but for one break where the white bit is).

New home view from doorway.  OK, not nearly as spectacular, but - c'mon! - at least we can see it!

New home sea view from doorway.  OK, not nearly as spectacular, but – c’mon! – at least we can see it!

(And for something else not a door able, look here!)

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Robin Supervisor for Wordless Wednesday


This Cape robin very closely supervised my digging activities today – almost within touching distance at times. I hope he doesn’t treat MacGregor (Mr Mac, the ginger cat and Head of Household) with the same lack of respect.

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Si, Si, a Really Awfully Soggy Muse

Si, Si, a Really In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.” 

A Sea-nic bit of a Muse Meant

Let’s see, I sea-k my photo muse?
You’d never guess the sea-ne I’d choose …
Whatever sea-son it may be
You’d see that it would be the sea?
Just ‘cause I see sea every day,
And sea saw also when away –
And C with my computer get,
With Middle C on piano, yet! –
You’d think that, just a little bit,
I’d tend to get seasick of it,
But every sea-cond it one sees,
Will seize another way to please,
As proven by this blogger, who
A daily beach shot likes to do!

Sea Scene Seen with Westerly Bank

Sea Scene Seen with Westerly Bank

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Translate etc heading

Developing the challenge I proposed here: It is generally agreed that some combination of all the following elements is essential in having a good short story:


In illustrating this, here is a short story I have whipped up based on the following title. I have avoided using a picture prompt, as that adds a thousand extra words and is cheating!


The rhino was perfectly silhouetted against the acacias. Zuka took aim.

‘No you don’t,’ Vusi breathed, raising his rifle. Zuka stepped behind a trunk. Vusi cursed.

A gunshot came; deafeningly.

Zuka screamed, elbow shattered. The rhino fled.

Thandi emerged opposite, rifle smoking. ‘Told you you’d need backup,’ she smirked.

How does this story use the elements?

  • Setting: Rhino, acacias, rife, opposite, Nguni names = African bushveld, with a clearing inferred.
  • Characters: Zuka (assumed poacher) Vusi (assumed ranger) Thandi (assumed girlfriend of Vusi).
  • Plot: Foiled attempt at poaching a rhino.
  • Point of view:  Third person, limited to Vusi (the narration is confined to what he can see).
  • Conflict: Between Zuka on the one side and Vusi and Thandi on the other.
  • Theme:  Assumed anti-poaching.

My challenge is to produce another 49 words to add to a title of ‘Wounded’. Please have a try in comments!

Still, I can't resist adding one of my pictures of the sort of backdrop against which this story could take place.  A scene  at Zebra Hills, KwaZulu Natal

Still, I can’t resist adding one of my pictures of the sort of backdrop against which this story could take place. A scene showing waterbuck at Zebra Hills, KwaZulu Natal

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