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REALLY AWFUL RHYME (in collaboration with granddaughter J); AND REALLY AWFUL EQUATION

    Tell me, what is this here bug? The identity is bugging me. For the benefit of those seriously deranged people who have missed my Really Awful Rhymes: apologies, but the best one (or, rather, that should read ‘only … Continue reading

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Methodical unpacking …

‘ The time has come, the dolphin said, to hunt for many things; for shoes (not ships or sealing-wax, nor cabbages or kings), and cables, multimeters, or stuff that fortune brings …’  (Adapted very loosely from Cabbages and Kings in Alice). I … Continue reading

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Really Awful Hot Air

   ‘We need some airconditioners!’ My daughter blurted out; The heated tones she used Left me in very little doubt The matter, it was urgent, So forthwith I promptly went To airily explore how best Such outlay could be spent. … Continue reading

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  “I’m buzzy, buzzy, buzzy!” said the bee; Said I, “But not a bit as much as me!” “That’s bad grammar!” said the fly, “For you should have said, ‘As I’!” Flies are an awful pest, you will agree.   … Continue reading

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Being Firm and Assertive.

  After getting up this morning, I sploshed into our new portapuddle to cool off, boinged onto the trampoline to warm up, and then got set for the labours of the day. ‘We’re going for a drive to the Midlands,’ … Continue reading

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Really Awful Year

To two-oh-one-four, cheerio, You are now in the past, I am not sad to see you go, And disappear at last, Though Goodyear may be tyre, some, And happy courses tread, That No-Good Year was diresome, Plus tiresome, with dread! … Continue reading

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