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Another Ordered Wordle Really Awfully Rhyming

A cynical little piece which follows my personal rhyming/strict-word-order challenge, thrown together hastily in between all the dramas of the house-moving scene: As crooked wisps of smoke, the same, Words shimmer like reflected moon seen in a water frame; Three … Continue reading

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Half-Light and Fairly Light Entertainment.

For the current photo (and quote) challenge: The Half-Light is augmented By the lights that you see there – But then, it is commented That these are completely Fair! Inspired by this much-beloved song:

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Really Awful Limerick Laid Down or Brought Up …

With no time available for computer or blogging as the house move continues in ‘squelch-chilly’ soggy conditions, I shouldn’t be tempted by rhyming challenges – but again I got hooked by my favourite Limerick form. Mad Kane says, ‘I hope you’ll join me … Continue reading

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Another Wordle as Really Awful Rhyme

A very moving experience over the past few days – finally moving Younger Daughter and the grandkids into the main house and our stuff from storage into the cottage – has taken up an awful lot of time.  Fitting curtain … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Reality

Imagine that the much-feared-atomic-bomb World War Three has broken out.  Imagine that bombs like the one that flattened Hiroshima are being exploded at over 4  per  second, constantly, reaching 400 000 per year.  Horrifying?  What if I tell you that, … Continue reading

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My Wordle, How Did I Get Into This?

I’ll tell you how – Viv in France is guilty of enticement! Anyway, the idea is to use this prompt from The Sunday Whirl: I wondered if I could use all the words as economically as possible  in the order given, … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Bad and Good Gala Performances

                  Seems my swimming days are past: Swam in gala, and came last! No surprise to anyone – First that I have ever done!! Plus, young R, upon my back, Did a … Continue reading

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