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Culture and Religion Overrule Normal Laws and Customs

Many believe that the title above is valid. They will argue that established customs, or practices arising from what are regarded as holy sources, are of greater importance than man-made rules or modern viewpoints. Is this so? Does culture or … Continue reading

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Wordle 288 … Where the Cap Fits …

No angel, but some feathered jinx That on this planet such shallow, hollow Doctrines implanted with their stinks, Expecting us to follow! With a sigh, we decide to leave each cult to bleed or spin Shamelessly into the news with … Continue reading

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Really Splashing Out Last Weekend

On Friday afternoon after school a week ago (yes, I haven’t had time to post) the kids went to the Olympic pool, and after return spent some time in our vinyl puddle. On Saturday we went to a birthday party … Continue reading

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Fired Up With Enthusiasm

    If you should seek the perfect catch — A flame that can’t be brighter — Consider using A Good Match, Or, better still, one lighter. © February 2017 Colonialist

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A Really Awful Stinker

The average people found these days, Because of stupid sentiments, Smell different in strangest ways — All have a lack of common scents. © February 2017 Colonialist

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Worse than Monkeys

Our monkeys are forming a faction Expressing the outrage they feel And will probably take legal action At statements they rampage and steal.  They merely make use of what’s owed them From areas where they were first Whence nobody has … Continue reading

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Saved by Loan Sharks

Wordle 287 Marooned; no hope when the boom was lost; Rescuers deny line – we must sign a deal To fill which, sky would seem the cost; Rather swing into stream and drift, we feel! © February 2017 Colonialist

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