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Azille versus Zille

In an article published in the Natal Mercury on 11th April 2019 Stellenbosch academic Azille Coetzee joins the group of those who irrationally attack Helen Zille for views expressed regarding Colonialism. The basis for these attacks is certainly problematic, and … Continue reading

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Warmongers and Reason; Specially Needy

guns lose way chime room order smells now ring want chatter fear     Those relying on guns should lose way to chime In the room for order, Smells and sounds of conflict now ring all the time They want … Continue reading

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Feeding Fish and On Fish, Remedy to Special Needs, Excursion, Rhymes

        Correction It seems I got my facts all wrong When singing Elder Daughter song, ‘Remedial’ does not apply Inside the UK by the bye; No, she will set up ‘Special Needs’ And head it up, when … Continue reading

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More Loads in the Shed

Yet again, time becomes available to blog. Yet again, the lights are about to go out. It isn’t just a question of adjusting the agenda; during other hours other things require doing. Yesterday we were treated to two separate sessions … Continue reading

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Preserving a 115-year old tradition.

Today I had the honour of presiding over the 115th Annual General Meeting of the Durban and Coast Horticultural Society. We are delighted to have found a venue for such meetings in the Education Centre of Durban Botanic Gardens, as … Continue reading

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Really Awfully Too Much of a Bad Thing

It really is annoying That the stuff we are destroying With a ray Turns out not the only feature: There is yet another creature There at play! So, before this morning’s session I was given the impression Vividly, That an … Continue reading

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The Longest Six, and a Stephen Foster S. A. National Anthem.

After unearthing the family Yeoville mansion picture shown here, I did some more delving and found a book ‘‘Remembering Old Johannesburg’ published by AD Donker (Pty.) Ltd. in 1986. This is filled with reminiscences by Johannesburg and Rand Pioneers, and … Continue reading

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