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No Change of Address

Un-presidented goings-on In SA with J Zuma gone, Last week the State of Nation thing Was scheduled for JZ to sing But Ram a Pozer has, instead, Now been the one to get it read; His laughter had become quite … Continue reading

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Don’t stick around when sticks are around!

 A Stickup Warning Cassie was sleeping, legs in air When hadeda, she landed there, And favoured cat with warning glare: ‘A useful tip I’ll give for free, My nest is up in this here tree, And, near it, you don’t … Continue reading

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Swimming Saturation.

Swimming Season is with us again. How do I know? Well, for starters I have to take R (9) to her Club sessions twice a week again, and J (6) to her lessons, also twice a week.  That leaves me … Continue reading

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Double Start and Emotional Moment

  To Senior Primary first day, R, And Primary, first day, J, Already R has got quite far, And J is on her way!  It is with pride I see them steer, Thus, further, as they may, But can’t avoid … Continue reading

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Joyful Year Straight Out of the Box to You!

Twenty eighteen see arrive, And we’ve made it here alive Except for those who didn’t, quite, But they won’t read this here tonight; And, for that reason. they don’t count In even teensiest amount; Quite a few, I have no … Continue reading

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An Eggs or Sting Day and a Ballet Good Sinbad

Actually, Saturday and Sunday involved buying a carton of eggs and two bottles of honey. Today (yesterday by the time this is posted) merely had the feeling it sounds like. After housekeeping and such, we decided to take advantage of … Continue reading

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In the Swing of Things with a Clean Sweep

Today started with me being unable to finish breakfast because a Jungle Gym Construction Company arrived on site, and I had to supervise the boss and later BE the boss, because he left to get his car fixed. I fairly successfully … Continue reading

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