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At midday Durban time,  Kiribati (on Christmas Island) and Samoa will enter 2014, with other countries following at times as can be seen on this chart, so it is appropriate to give New Year wishes right away.  Cheers! *clink*  “Should … Continue reading

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6-word story challenge: Retrospect

   The challenge from Figments of a Dutchess  is to give, in six words, a story representing Retrospect, perhaps a highlight related to the year about to end.  There can be no doubt about mine! Introduction, friendship, romance … 2013 … Continue reading

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Sonel’s Photo Editing Challenge: Nature – Flaming Sky.

  It is almost into the new topic for Sonel’s challenge, but I have just made it in time!   This is an attempt to change an already dramatic picture into the way an impressionist artist might have rendered it. … Continue reading

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Jokes on a Really Awful Note

A note comes into a bar and says, ’Plink!’ A note comes into a bar and says, ’Can I get you a plink?’ A note comes into a bar, sidles up to another note and says, ‘Can I give you … Continue reading

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The joy of giving is all very well, But what provides that joy, I perceive, Lies, as one can here so easily tell, In seeing the joy of ones who receive! © Colonialist December 2013 (WordPress)

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Pretty please, vote for your THREE favourites in order of preference, I.e. first, then second, then third.  For example:  25, 17, 21.  Scoring will be done by giving three points to first, two to second, and one for third.  1  … Continue reading

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A fare-ly comprehensive fan-fare to fantastic Christmas fun fare.

North or south, or east or west Homemade Christmas fare is best – Appetizer: liver pate (Didn’t take a shot – oh drat, hey? – My fruit salad, Christmas cake, Also failed a pic to take; Homemade gravy on that … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tree of Great Presents

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CHRISTMAS CRACKERS (written on Christmas morning, 2013)

      Darren Saunders paused his ride along the park cycle track to take in the sudden vision.  The father and little girl emerging from the playground were attractive, but it was the mother who really caught his eye.  … Continue reading

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In this season of peace and goodwill I seriously resent it when activities by representatives of a particular ethnic group fill me with disgust and loathing, and turn me into a born-again racist. Firstly, we have a person with the … Continue reading

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