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Never Rains . . .

It has rained all day. Even when I ventured out to get this photo of the success of my Rain Catcher it suddenly poured on me gleefully, catching me out in the open. Another pouring thing is that Much Better … Continue reading

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Swimmingly as a Gala Occasion

Jeneva qualified to participate in the Top 8 Gala at her school yesterday, and in  spite of being a bit out-of-sorts she went like a bomb. My great regret was that due to my health problems I was unable to … Continue reading

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Too Maw Egg Skew Sis

I have two excuses for the recent absence – both self-sufficient. One is that on Saturday I was re-admitted to hospital feeling grotty. The second is that, also on Saturday, the internet and phones went down yet again and only … Continue reading

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Unwelcome Hospitality

Here we went again: another day, another hospital.                 This may seem welcoming enough, but the reality was that it was a rack of torture. Successive blood transfusions and no sleep for about … Continue reading

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Times Increasingly Interesting

The wrongly-sourced curse of ‘interesting times’ (it is not Chinese but probably American) has certainly come upon us. Most the past week has been spent in hospitals, clinics, doctors’ waiting rooms, or travelling from one to the other. One Specialist … Continue reading

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Colonialist’s SONA 2020

(Everyone present to be greeted by name as a preamble including the team that cleans the toilets): The State of the Nation is: DIRE It has been decided to rename the Provinces. Each will become a mini-State. There will be: … Continue reading

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I am a dangerous person to be around, in that I am given to violins. The one I play most often is a run-of-the mill Suzuki: My other one, that Rhiannon has been picking up the rudiments on, is something … Continue reading

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During the time blogging and computers were not 0n the agenda, one of the garden projects undertaken was accomplished by reversing the usual order of shadecloth and gravel. The cloth prevents the gravel from burying itself in the sand base, … Continue reading

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Race Against Time

One again loadshed time approaches at speed, and the internet is going at all the rate of a lame slug.  ‘Highlights’ of the day have been going fifty miles across Death Valley to fetch our new garden labour force (Mondays … Continue reading

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  For Jan the first a Really Awful Rhyme Was meant to indicate that it was time – Or such had been my definite decision – To see the year with Twenty Twenty Vision! Over an entire month blogging has … Continue reading

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