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Really Awful Parakeets, Walking Catfish, and Twin Names

The pond is still attracting cats When they’re not nesting like two birds As pair o’ kits; but do note that’s Not parakeets: quite different word.     Budgerigars are parakeets; A fact till now I didn’t know The budgies that each kitten … Continue reading

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Kitten, kittener, kittennest.

What sort of bird is in that nest? It’s like that of a hadeda, But ibis don’t have ears, so best Of guesses is an owl, by far. But, wait!  This owl greets with a mew, And sports some whiskers, … Continue reading

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A Wordle of Really Awful Choices

Wordle 263 Should I make ‘post’ a ‘part of fence’? Or ‘mail’? And make the ‘part’ part as in ‘left; bereft’? Brush plate, to plate it with a silver trail? Bless me? Lost in some blessed brush? Turn left? Break free? … Continue reading

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Though Framed, Still Really Awfully Guilty

  Frame is the topic here this week; Here of Dracaenas, framed, a peek, The frame is back of motor car Where they’ve been carted from afar To fill in garden’s empty spots, Of which we still have lots and lots! … Continue reading

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Putting on Really Awful Airs

You need to be aware A bear will still be bear No matter if all hairy; Should fairy, most unfair, At Fair, fair fare prepare, How dare he make it dairy? Now, if you ride mere mare You may be … Continue reading

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Really Awful Used Car Advertisement

Wordle 262   ‘The boot and trim slight damage’, tick — You should cringe print lifts not live each chip! Deception mist stem; makes one sick That such moonstruck yarns you spin and flip! © August 2016 Colonialist (WordPress)

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Making Exhibitions of Ourselves.

For the second of three days running, we described some of the principles of design as shown in our model, we answered questions on matters horticultural — and some that had no connection with that subject — and we invited … Continue reading

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