Today I had the sudden urge to spring-clean my side bar – it would count as a win ter me, and I thought I autumn do it even if it should fall some, er, time beyond spring.
I tidied and eliminated nasty gaps (that took some doing!) and sorted music, books and badges into neater categories.
What do you think of the result? I like the theme I have had from the start, and have got used to it.  Or do you think I should go more modern?

Then, I was recently entranced by having had a visit from a blogger in Norway with a built-in translate button, so that with just two clicks I was able to read her blog in English! I determined to get something similar on my scene. Alas, it seems that the free WordPress version has built-in A-version to this, and the best I could do without messing about with iffy plugins was what you now see.
It works well enough, though. All my foreign visitors have to do is to copy the URL of my site, click on the translate logo, paste the URL under ‘Website’ in the page that comes up, choose a language, and jab the ‘Translate’ button. A new tab pops up with the entire blog in the other language of choice. I tested it with Afrikaans. The result was rather quaint, but one could certainly get the sense of what it was all about. Far better than sticking a fish in one’s ear, I would say.
Anyone who wants to copy my method for presenting it is welcome, and of course if you know of a better way, please shout!

Rhino Peak (small)It will be noticed that I have created a set of links for the Darx Circle segments so far posted. I have been in two minds whether or not to continue posting Chapter 1 and beyond, as I know from experience novel extracts have rather limited appeal. I think I will, though; but not overdoing it. Even if only a few read and enjoy them I get pleasure out of the fact that they have, and feedback is always useful – as long as it isn’t of the husband-response-to-how-do-I-look-in-this-dress type! Frank but constructive is ideal.

© Colonialist May 2013 (WordPress)

About colonialist

Active septic geranium who plays with words writing fantasy novels and professionally editing, with notes writing classical music, and with riding a mountain bike, horses and dinghies. Recently Indie Publishing has been added to this list.
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  1. I can’t see a difference *blush* but I am notoriously unobservant.

    I do like the blue, though 🙂


  2. SidevieW says:

    seasoning your blog?


  3. Looks good and clean and fresh 🙂


  4. optie says:

    It looks very good Col and reflects you in all your diversity.


  5. Marco says:

    Wow Col and nice and neat now – when you’re all done I have a couple of storage units you can tackle? Pls continue with the dark circle segments and yay for instant translations. Hmmmm, Norway…


  6. 68ghia says:

    Looking all nice and shiny Col 😉
    As for should you change or not – it is, after all, you very own, personal blog. This theme suits you, but if you feel like a change – they say it’s as good as a holiday 😉


  7. melouisef says:

    Because it is blue I did not notice until you drew my attention to it.
    I once tried twenty twelve I think


  8. Ruth2Day says:

    I like the changes, they are subtle and I still feel I am on your page and not been directed elsewhere. I like the translate button, I might go and translate you into Greek and see if you still come across well 🙂


  9. Sonel says:

    Seems you are doing quite a lot of clean-ups nowadays Col and as usual you are doing a great job with it my friend. I would love to continue reading your novel for sure as I really enjoyed it. You are so inspiring. 🙂 *hugs*


  10. bulldog says:

    Love the new layout.. looks great…


  11. newsferret says:

    Sounds like you really did an autumn sweep.


  12. Personally I love having a fish in my ear for translation purposes – hahaha (love those books) – it’s always good to do a clean-up. I have never been keen on those monthly archive thingies and not sure if people would ever click on them – though it might be useful to find your own way around things (just an idea) 🙂


  13. nrhatch says:

    Yay for Spring Cleaning . . . whatever the season. 😀


  14. The Asian says:

    It looks good, very well organised.
    I would carry on reading the novel, I’ve found it very enjoyable up to this point


  15. How weird is this. I’m just plowing through the different themes, seeing what I want to change mine to. With my company now registered and wanting to get things going full throttle, I decided it was time to start making changes. No changes yet but, as soon as I choose a suitable theme, I hope to have a site that looks much better. Yours is looking great. I hadn’t even realised you had written so many novels. I like it. Well done and “no” you do not look fat in that dress 😀


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