Closing down main generator.

Well, this is the last post from the study which has seen so many years of them produced.

We are about as ready as an ostrich is to join a swallow migration.  Chaos reigns, and if it rains as well, that will really put the seal on it.  Or a grampus?

Setting out in Fanfare

This picture emerged while packing – a reminder of setting out for a race in our first Flying Fifteen.

And I must subject you to a farewell Really Awful Rhyme from ‘White Horses’, as our no-longer-home has been known:

I don’t eat choc-o-late, I must insist –
What section of that statement have you missed?
Though seemingly a puzzle, it
Just serves to say I guzzle it,
With nifty twisty actions of the wrist.

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Really awfully total insanity.

The day after tomorrow, we move into our new home.  Preparations are afoot.

Moving 1 Moving 2

The renovations aren’t quite ready.  Extra ceiling joists had to be put in, and an entirely new ceiling.  Also, the floor, having been stripped of parquet and slasto, now needs retiling.  Walls knocked down, or with holes pushed through them, need neatening.  Oh yes, and the kitchen has to be redone from scratch.  I wonder if we will occupy it by Christmas?

Renovations 1 Home demolition Renovations 2

Today, I assisted with the installation of some alternative accommodation on-site.  It may be a little cramped for three adults and two children, but what the heck.  I had to chainsaw madly to get chunks of that tree out of the way – my tennis elbows are now screaming nonstop.

The hut

Our phone and internet will have to be transferred.  How efficient that operation will be, time will tell.  If things go awfully quiet on this blog for a while, you will know why!

I have been writing limericks for Mad Kane’s challenges and not posting them for lack of time.  I did get the latest one in, though, and here are also some which missed the deadline:

A fellow who said he was ‘Fret
Desired a girl in his ‘bet’…
On way to be wed,
Fred in river bed sped,
So instead of wed, he got wet. 

This did not cause Fred much to fret
Though half-drowned and freezing, he yet
Got to honeymoon,
Where he got going, soon,
Before ‘on your marks’ or ‘get set’!


A fellow, alas, had been gored -
At village show toreadored -
His damage was slight
From the onrushing might …
A goat was all they could afford!

 (Latest theme):

A fellow was fixing a switch,
But suddenly started to twitch:
It seemed that the main
‘D been switched on again,
Providing a re-volting hitch. 

A schoolteacher swishing a switch
The school had decided to ditch:
In this modern era
You can’t rule by fear; a
Real bit of a bitch for a witch.

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Cover Art: A Peak of Achievement!

How could I resist the Cover Art Challenge opportunity to give some more advance publicity to my long-completed but still held-up-on-editing fantasy, Darx Circle?  Here is the original picture I took of St Bernard’s Peak, and following it is my darker conversion into Rhino Peak and Rhino Valley.  Then I add the text and the ‘Darxd’.

No doubt the ultimate cover design may be changed radically, but I hope my basic concept will be followed to some extent.  I rather like it.

St Bernard PeakRhino PeakFull Darx Circle Cover (with Darxd) 210514

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Wordless Wednesday – Who Needs to Dress it up with Words?

Gemma dressed up Nigel dressed up

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Photo Challenge: Refraction: a Really Awful Shining Example

The subject of ‘Refraction
I will give the meaning for –
To fractions, give compaction,
And then split them up once more!

(Refraction: ½ + ½ = 1 = ¼ + ¾)

Refraction at sunset.

Reflections on Refraction – sunset at Durban Yacht Mole

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More dreamy and fishy stuff – also a spot of nightmare …

Dreamy Koi

I had intended to put this picture on my ‘Dreamy‘ previous post, but I can do it now because there were other fishy developments.  On the 8th I became a species of seabream – and one on endangered lists.  Yes, seventy-four.  This, after a day when one fin was out of action.  I have been given an underwater camera by the family.  Very kind; just what a seabream needs … or is it a hint that I should go and drown myself and take pictures while doing so?  Hmmm.

Due to lots of hammering, twisting screwdrivers, hacking at shrubbery, chainsawing, and generally over-exerting my arm, I have had a painful ‘tennis elbow’ for some weeks.  Finally, I decided to get a jab to sort it out, and have a full medical while I was at it.  Just to ensure that I would not leave anything out, I made a repair list.  A Really Awful one, of course:


To save some chat, considered that
All symptoms I should list
Like, I can’t eat too much that’s sweet -
Calf night-time cramps exist. 

My passage, rear, bit blocked I fear -
At times some red will show;
Leg has lump which, inclined to itch,
Is something you should know. 

On face a blob, unsightly (sob!),
Is hanging by a thread -
That I would like it on its bike
Can taken, be, as read!

In tennis game I have no fame,
But elbow will insist
That I must play it every day
To get such painful twist. 

Then, throat and chest are not the best,
So we will have to see:
Asthma the pest, or, as you guessed,
Perhaps COPD? 

Our family doctor (we share a great great grandfather, which makes him even more of a one) was mildly amused at this, and said blobs probs could be sorted with lazer and stuff, before getting down to doing checkup things.  None of my terra went incognito.

Then the elbow got attention.

The jab was excruciating.  What followed, after a brief period of relief, was worse.  Soon, I couldn’t even use the fingers of my right hand to type, and there was no comfortable way to hold the arm.  I slept with it propped on a pillow.

The next day I returned to the doctor/cousin, who looked unmoved at my swollen fingers and pained expression.  ‘Bit of a reaction.  It’ll soon wear off, and then you’ll be fine,’ he announced confidently.

I have to admit that it is now improving to the extent that it is back to where it was before I had the jab.  I hope it goes a lot beyond that – I deserve a good result after that amount of discomfort!  To say that it was truly ouchy is like saying Everest is quite a high hill.

There is much dashing about trying to organise the facelift of the new property.  With all the walls being knocked down toward Younger Daughter’s ideal of an Open Plan Home, it will soon be nothing more than a lot of holes attached to one another by a few bricks.

Since this picture was taken, several more walls have been reduced to rubble, the ceilings (which may look OK but weren’t) have been taken out entirely and replaced, and other things have happened I don’t even want to think about.   I shall blog them if I ever get five spare minutes again …

Home demolition

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Photo Challenge: Dreamy: Dragon, Dog and Devotion.

Dreamy Dragon

Dreamy Dragon

Dream time laid on.

Dream time laid on.

A Dreamy Scene at our Golden Anniversary

A Dreamy Scene at our Golden Anniversary

The first thing I thought of when I saw this Dreamy Theme was the following song from music halls of more than a century ago:

‘Waltz Me Around Again, Willie’ (1906), by Will Cobb and Ren Shields:

Willie Fitzgibbons who used to sell ribbons,
And stood up all day on his feet,
Grew very spooney on Madeline Mooney,
Who’d rather be dancing than eat.
Each evening she’d tag him, to some dance hall drag him,
And when the band started to play,
She’d up like a silly and grab tired Willie,
Steer him on the floor and she’d say:

‘Waltz me around again, Willie,
Around, around, around;
The music is dreamy, it’s peaches and creamy,
Oh! don’t let my feet touch the ground.
I feel just like a ship on an ocean of joy,
I just want to holler out loud “Ship Ahoy!”
Oh! waltz me around again, Willie,
Around, around, around.’
That reminded me of a very dreamy occasion in 2012, when we had our Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Whether the waltz I wrote for the occasion was dreamy or not, those able to play the  number I now have at the top of  my  sidebar player below the ‘Quests 4′ album can judge for themselves.
A challenge: who can work out why the opening bars are the way they are?
As for the words to it, they may be found here.

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