Should health warnings become compulsory in books like the Bible and Koran?

The Holy Bible with warnings. Koran with warning.

Because of serious risk, cigarette packages have to bear warnings regarding the potential dangers of smoking, and liquor advertising is similarly regulated.

Surely it is becoming time that religious writings which appear to make it OK to go discriminating against or killing or maiming people, just because some misguided twits have written it into a so-called ‘holy’ book such the Bible or the Koran, should have similar warnings?

It is incomprehensible that any God or Allah would dictate such absurdities.  Nevertheless, one gets these seriously delusional individuals who are prepared to switch off their intellects completely in order to accept such twaddle.  Therefore, it is about time that passages in the books were annotated with warnings like, ‘This is a carry-over from an era of ignorance and must not be given any serious consideration’.  Although this should be a no-brainer, it is unfortunately necessary because of the alarming number of no-brains apparently in existence, university degrees etc notwithstanding.

Similarly, anyone who so much as mentions in conversation that they think that a true god-figure would support such barbarity should immediately be put into an institution for the criminally insane until they revise their thinking.  Their concepts of God or Allah can be regarded as blasphemous.  How can one possibly accept that a creator-of-all can have the mentality of a petty dictator with a completely justified inferiority complex, demanding constant reminders of how great he/she/it is, and requiring that anyone who doesn’t adhere to a particular brand of telling him/her/it how great he/she/it is should be bumped off forthwith?

Anyway, even if that were actually the case, he/she/it would have access to any number of ways of doing the bumping-off without any human help, thank you very much.  Again, it becomes blasphemy to think otherwise – the god-figure is too weak or ineffectual to deal with ‘transgressions’ without human aid when everything from accidents to natural disasters to viruses is available?  How can any sense be seen in that? It is utterly disrespectful to the chosen deity.

No religion can justify the slightest infringement on the rights of humans to live in any way they choose, as long as they do no harm to others.

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Really Awful Editnig Woes

Dragon by Lee Young

Dragon by Lee Young

It is a most distresing thing,
 However many times.
  That I will go through editnig,
I still uncover crimes
 By punctuation grammar; too;
 Or simply of a the word
 That’s one too many, one – few,
 Or simply is obzurd;
No matter that, time and again,
 I root out every flaw/
 I look agen, and that is when
 I sea a dozen more;
 i think some evil imp waits there
    To change the thigs around:
 No mat-ter how mush sweat and care – 
 Be sure, more faults are, found!
 When reeding threw a ‘final” file
The prawblems that I find
Are going, in quite short a wile,
                   To drive me from my mind!
At least I no no errors lurk
 In this hear bit of prose
F or all misteaks, wif lots of work,
I done makes sure has goes.

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A Birthday Celebration

Horses at Giba Gorge

Some of the horses having a snack break

Today would have been the 53rd birthday of Trevor, but he was not to see it.  Not on this plane, anyhow.

Younger Daughter and the kids went to a church service early (I hope the roof is stable and won’t collapse from the shock) and then we decided to go on the sort of excursion Trevor would have approved of had he still been with us.  We took the kids for lunch and horse-riding at Giba Gorge.

J testing no-holding-on riding.

J trying out hands-free.

R riding at Giba

R on her outride.

I even managed to have a short ride myself.  It has been some time since I have been on board a horse, but it still felt completely natural to me and my spirits were uplifted by it.


An aloe at the stables

This evening R and J auditioned for a Durban Has Talent show in my bedroom while MBH and YD were watching TV in the lounge.  They sang various songs.  The teddy bear and doll judges all gave a resounding ‘Yes,’ apart from a stuffed crocodile who kept saying, ‘No!’ or trying to push the ‘X’ button, but got beaten up by all the teddies for being difficult.

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Daily Post Photo Challenge: Containers: A Moving Still Life

To take our minds off the tragedy which has so recently occurred, we have something which will keep us busy indeed.  Here is what is no doubt typical of the preparation for translocating decades of junk possessions to the cover of a new roof or rooves, as the case may be.  As a game ranger friend of ours used to say – with a different meaning! – this is a time to box carefully.  ContainersThe DP Photo Challenge: Containers.


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R.I.P Trevor 20/7/1961 – 14/7/2014

Trevor with YD

On Monday morning at 7:05, after a night during which he was in some pain, and a visit from the doctor to give an injection to ease it, the adored husband of Younger Daughter and utterly devoted father to the two little girls who feature here so often gave up an unequal struggle against cancer.  He died at our home, with his mother and wife close by.

Not that we knew it was cancer until very recently.  Other problems had been causing pain and discomfort, but the actual cause turned out to be a particularly virulent version.  Once the correct diagnosis had been made, we knew the severity, but all of us, including Trevor, still held up hopes for a successful fight.  How quickly the end came has been a severe shock.

The funeral was this morning.  Friends and relations had come from all over the country to attend, and the church was packed.  Sister-in-Law (after her Sunday shortcut downstairs) managed to put in an appearance, hobbling and wearing dark glasses to hide her black eye.  Younger Daughter, with a staunch friend to hold onto in need, gave a lovely and eloquent tribute.  Another came from Trevor’s sister, and his boss was emotional in saying how much Trevor would be missed in the company both as M.D. of the Durban branch and as a friend and confidante to everyone.

As can be imagined, the week has been one of turmoil, and it will be hard to adjust to a future without Trevor.  He has shared a roof with us from the time he won Younger Daughter over, and in fact he and YD were in sole charge of that roof for two years while Much Better Half and I went on a mad adventure in the Midlands.  We have worked together on various projects as a good team, and played together amicably, even if I didn’t quite share his passion for cars or he my passion for yachts.  Unfortunately our main shared passion – wildlife – wasn’t held quite to the same extent by MBH and YD

His two little darlings are bearing up well, but with the occasional heartbreaking wobblies.  Those are inevitable when suddenly someone who was such an amazingly dedicated father is no longer there.  Little J, in particular, has spells of saying repeatedly, ‘I want my daddy,’ which of course gets to all of us.

Now we have to pick up the pieces and put them together again into the best possible pattern.  That is going to be a challenge – with a major one missing completely, and another (our home) replaced by a smaller and unsuitably-shaped substitute.

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Ho-hum, another ordinary midwinter day …

… spent barefoot in shorts and a teeshirt …

We were due to visit Sister-in-Law for lunch, but after doing a dive onto concrete over the edge of the stairway to their second floor from halfway up, she didn’t feel like having us. A black eye and possible concussion influenced this decision.

Younger Daughter has a spot of flu, and Much Better Half a sore knee, so the family is not doing well, health-wise.

BiplaneAnyway, I invited grandkids to come to the beach with me instead – a decision applauded very noisilyby the pooch pack . It was rather a repeat of the day a couple of weeks back when some light aircraft kindly put on a series of loops and rolls right above our heads for our special entertainment. My camera on the mobile phone wasn’t up to it even though I pointed it up to it, and so I have lots of shots of empty sky. Only one of the biplanes showed, distantly departing at speed, but at least that blow-up proves they were there.
Blobs on beach
Young R was very taken with what she called the ‘Rude Rock’ depicted above. I did not enquire too deeply as to whether she took the protrusions for boobs … or something else!

The only shells I could find intact were a turban and a rock shell.  I forgot to take a pic.
Kids and Gemma on beach.
Nigel and Annie on beachThe dogs and all of us are really and truly going to miss having this sort of entertainment at the bottom of the garden.  Not too much longer, unfortunately.

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Weekend Photo Challenge: Relic: All Steamed Up

070713 Train Creighton to Riverside 105 070713 Train Creighton to Riverside 037For the Weekend Photo Challenge comes this relic of a bygone age, but still doing its thing during the annual Aloe Festival.

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